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Instructions Sony, Modèle KDL-46W5740

Fabricant : Sony
Taille : 6.41 mb
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Facilité d'utilisation

• Check the connection between the TV and the router. Check Settings • Change the IP address for the DNS server (“Checking the Network Connection” (page 31)) while referring to the following. –Contact your Internet service provider. –Specify the IP address of the router if you do not know the DNS of your Internet service provider. The server cannot be found, a list cannot be retrieved, and playback fails. • Once server settings are changed, turn the TV off and on by pressing 1 on the TV. • Execute “Server Diagnostics” (page 31). When using a PC as the server • Check if the PC is turned on. Do not turn off the PC while accessing. • If security software is installed on the PC, be sure to allow connections from external devices. For details, refer to the manual supplied with your security software. • The load on the PC may be too high or the server application may become unstable. Try the following: –Stop the server application and restart it. –Restart the PC. –Reduce the number of applications running on the PC. –Reduce the amount of content. 52 GB Condition Explanation/Solution Condition Explanation/Solution Photo, music and/or video files do not appear or icons are not displayed. Preliminary Check • Check that the connected device supports DLNA. • Operations are not guaranteed for all servers. Also, operations differ depending on the features of the server and the content in question. • Turn the connected device on. Check Connections • Check that the LAN cable and/or mains lead/AC power cord of the server has not become disconnected. Check Settings • Check that the connected device is registered under “Server Display Settings” (page 31). • Check that the server is correctly configured. • Check that the selected device is connected to the network and can be accessed. • If the “IP Address Settings” in “Network” under “Network Settings” is set to “DHCP (DNS automatic)” or “DHCP (DNS manual)”, it may take some time to recognise devices if there is no DHCP server. Execute “Server Diagnostics” (page 31). The TV cannot be found from Check Connections renderer-compatible device • Check that the LAN cable and/or mains lead of the server has not (the controller). become disconnected. Check Settings • Check if the “Renderer Function” is activated (page 44). • Check that the connected device is registered under “Renderer Access Control” (page 44). Only a few icons appear under • This is normal when internet connection is not available. the "Network" in the Home You can use three pre-installed Widgets properly. To enjoy more Menu. Widgets, please check that the LAN cable and/or mains lead/AC power cord of the router/modem has not become disconnected. (*) You have been using registered Widgets, but now some contents won't appear on the Widgets. • Check that the LAN cable and/or mains lead/AC power cord of the router/modem has not become disconnected. (*) • There's a possibility that the Widget Provider's server is out of service. Please try using the Widget later. (*) Your router/modem must be properly set to connect to the internet in advance. Please contact your Internet Service Provider for the router/ modem settings. General The TV’s power cannot be • Check if ENERGY SAVING SWITCH is on (page 10) (KDL-46WE5/ turned on. 40WE5 only). Distorted picture and/or sound • Keep the TV away from electrical noise sources such as cars, motorcycles, hair-dryers or optical equipment. • When installing optional equi...

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