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Instructions Sony, Modèle KDL-37V5500

Fabricant : Sony
Taille : 6.41 mb
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Facilité d'utilisation

Menu bar Press F repeatedly to access the menu bar. Press G/g to select area. (“Grid”, “Search”, “My TV”, “Schedule” and “Set-up”) You can view a programme or set a reminder in “Grid” area. Search a programme You can quickly and easily find something of interest to watch or to – Search set a reminder by category (e.g. Sport) or subcategory (e.g. Football) of a programme. 1 Highlight “Search” on the menu bar, then, press f only one time. 2 Press F/f/G/g to select a category or subcategory, then press . Search your own keyword – My Choice In addition to the standard categories and sub-categories, you can set your own search keywords. 1 Highlight “My Choice” in the “Search” area on the menu bar. 2 Press yellow button to add a keyword, then the virtual keyboard appears. 3 Use the virtual keyboard to enter your keyword. 4 Confirm with the green button. 5 Your personal keyword appears in the “My Choice”. 6 Select your keyword and press to start a search according to your personal keyword. 18 GB To To Set a Profile and receive The “My TV” area allows you to set up a personal profile. recommendations according to your You can define a personal profile by channels, categories and/or by preferences keywords. – My TV The “My TV” area is making recommendations to you to quickly and easily find something of interest to watch or to set a reminder. How to set your profile: 1 Highlight “My TV” on the menu bar, press the green button to set your profile. 2 Press F/f to select channels, categories or keywords. 3 Press the yellow button to add a channel, a category or a keyword to your profile. 4 Press F/f/G/g to select a channel, a category or a keyword, then press . 5 Repeat step 2 to 4 to add more items. 6 Press to activate your profile. z • You can delete or edit with the red and green buttons. Delete and edit reminder 1 Highlight “Schedule” on the menu bar. – Schedule 2 Press F/f to delete or edit with the red and green buttons. z • When no reminder is set, “No programmes” is displayed. Press g to highlight “Frequency” (e.g.weekly) or “Timing” (e.g.reminder timing:10 min early), you can change this settings by pressing colour buttons. Watching TV Configure the GUIDE Plus+ System according to your personal situation – Set-up 1 Highlight “Set-up” on menu bar. 2 Press F/f for you to select below items you want to configure. “Personal Preferences”: You can change the on screen language, change reminder timing and set overnight download. “Start Installation Sequence”: This feature provides an easy way to restart your installation from scratch. This will delete all your current TV listing data. “Manual Data Download”: Update your TV listings immediately. If the TV is switched off during several days, TV listings will not be updated automatically. In this case, use this feature to update TV listings. “GUIDE Plus+ System Information:” screen: Display GUIDE Plus+ System information. This screen is providing several values that are helpful for troubleshooting. 19 GB Using the Digital Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) Using the Digital Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) GUIDE. 2 Perform the desired operation as shown in the following table or displayed on the screen. This function may not be available in some countries/regions. To switch the GUIDE (Sony Guide or GUIDE Plus+), see page 43. To Do this View a programme Press F/f/G/g to select a programme, then press . Turn off the EPG Press GUIDE. Sort programme informati...

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