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Instructions Sony, Modèle KDL-32V5500

Fabricant : Sony
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Facilité d'utilisation

Only snow and noise appear • Check if the aerial/antenna is broken or bent. on the screen. • Check if the aerial/antenna has reached the end of its serviceable life (three to five years for normal use, one to two years when used at the seaside). There is picture or sound noise when viewing a TV channel. Tiny black points and/or bright points appear on the screen. The picture contours are distorted. • Adjust “AFT” (Automatic Fine Tuning) to obtain better picture reception (page 42). • The screen is composed of pixels. Tiny black points and/or bright points (pixels) on the screen do not indicate a malfunction. • Select “Standard” or “Off” in “Motionflow” (page 35) (except for KDL52V55/ 56xx, 46V55/56xx, 40V55/56xx, 37V55/56xx, 32V55/56xx). • Change the current setting of “Film Mode” to other settings (page 35). Additional Information The picture is not displayed in • Select “Reset” (page 34). colour. The picture from equipment • Check the connection of the COMPONENT IN sockets and check if connected to the the sockets are firmly seated in their respective sockets. COMPONENT IN sockets is not displayed in colour, or is displayed in irregular colours. 51 GB (Continued) Condition Explanation/Solution Condition Explanation/Solution • Turn the connected equipment on. • Check the cable connection. • Press to display the list of inputs, then select the desired input. • Correctly insert the memory card or other storage device in the digital still camera. • Use a digital still camera memory card or other storage device that has been formatted according to the instruction manual supplied with the digital still camera. • Operations are not guaranteed for all USB devices. Also, operations differ depending on the features of the USB device and the video being played. You cannot select the • Check the cable connection. connected equipment on the • Set the server to be displayed on the Home Menu (page 31). Home Menu or you cannot switch the input. Sound The picture is good, but there • Press 2 +/– or % (Mute). is no sound. • Check if the “Speaker” is set to “TV Speaker” (page 38). • When using HDMI input with Super Audio CD or DVD-Audio, DIGITAL AUDIO OUT (OPTICAL) may not output audio signals. Channels You cannot select your • Switch between digital and analogue mode, and select the desired desired channel. digital/analogue channel. Some channels are blank. • The channel is for scrambled/subscription service only. Subscribe to a pay TV service. • The channel is used only for data (no picture or sound). • Contact the broadcaster for transmission details. You cannot view digital channels. • Contact a local installer to find out if digital transmissions are provided in your area. • Upgrade to a higher gain aerial/antenna. Home Network Connection diagnostic results indicate a failure. Check Connections • Use a straight cable for the LAN cable. • Check if the cable is connected firmly. • Check the connection between the TV and the router. Check Settings • Change the IP address for the DNS server (“Checking the Network Connection” (page 31)) while referring to the following. –Contact your Internet service provider. –Specify the IP address of the router if you do not know the DNS of your Internet service provider. The server cannot be found, a list cannot be retrieved, and playback fails. • Once server settings are changed, turn the TV off and on by pressing 1 on the TV. • Execute “Server Diagnostics” (page 31). W...

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