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Instructions Sony, Modèle KDL-40E5520

Fabricant : Sony
Taille : 6.41 mb
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Facilité d'utilisation

(*) You have been using registered Widgets, but now some contents won't appear on the Widgets. • Check that the LAN cable and/or mains lead/AC power cord of the router/modem has not become disconnected. (*) • There's a possibility that the Widget Provider's server is out of service. Please try using the Widget later. (*) Your router/modem must be properly set to connect to the internet in advance. Please contact your Internet Service Provider for the router/ modem settings. General The TV’s power cannot be • Check if ENERGY SAVING SWITCH is on (page 10) (KDL-46WE5/ turned on. 40WE5 only). Distorted picture and/or sound • Keep the TV away from electrical noise sources such as cars, motorcycles, hair-dryers or optical equipment. • When installing optional equipment, leave some space between the optional equipment and the TV. • Check the aerial/cable connection. • Keep the aerial/cable TV cable away from other connecting cables. Additional Information The TV turns off automatically (the TV enters standby mode). • Check if the “Sleep Timer” is activated, or confirm the “Duration” setting of “On Timer” (page 33). • Check if the “Idle TV Standby” is activated (page 33). • Check if the “Presence Sensor” is activated (page 33). • If no signal is received and no operation is performed in the TV mode for 30 minutes, the TV automatically switches to standby mode. The TV turns on • Check if the “On Timer” is activated (page 33). automatically. 53 GB (Continued) Condition Explanation/Solution Condition Explanation/Solution (page 39). The remote does not function. • Replace the batteries. You have a blank TV listings in the GUIDE Plus+ System • Check the aerial/cable connection. • Your cabling and set-up is OK, but your GUIDE Plus+ System was not connected for enough time to receive TV listings data. Leave the TV “STANDBY” overnight (24 hours) or use “Manual Data Download” (page 19) . • You live in a country/region where the GUIDE Plus+ System is not yet available. Check the list of countries to see if you are in a region that is supported. HDMI equipment does not • Check that your equipment is compatible with Control for HDMI. appear on “HDMI Device List”. You cannot select “Off” in • If you have connected any audio system that is compatible with Control “Control for HDMI”. for HDMI, you cannot select “Off” in this menu. If you want to change the audio output to the TV speaker, select “TV Speaker” in the “Speaker” menu (page 38). Not all channels are tuned for • Check the support website for cable provide information. cable. How to re-tune: 1 Press "HOME" on the remote 2 Press G/g to select "Settings" 3 Press F/f to select "Digital Set-up", then press 4 Press to select "Digital Auto Tuning" 5 Press G to select "Yes" then press to start "Digital Auto Tuning" 6 Follow the on screen instructions. If you are missing any channels, it may be that they are not available in your area, or that your aerial needs upgrading. 54 GB Index Index 1 Digit Direct 40 14:9 16 4:3 16 4:3 Default 37 A-G Add to Slideshow 30 Adv. Contrast Enhancer 35 Advanced Settings 35 AFT 42 Analogue Set-up 40 AppliCast 29 Audio Filter 42 Audio Out 38 Audio Settings 38 Audio Set-up 42 Auto Adjustment 38 Auto Clock Update 33 Auto Format 37 Auto Light Limiter 35 Auto Start-up 40 Auto Tuning analogue channels only 40 digital channels only 42 Auto Volume 36 AV Preset 39 AV2...

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