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Instructions Sony, Modèle KDL-40W5720

Fabricant : Sony
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Facilité d'utilisation

This setting is especially effective for dark images scenes, and will increase the contrast distinction of the darker picture scenes. Gamma Adjusts the balance between bright and dark areas of the picture. Auto Light Reduces glare such as in scenes where the entire screen is Limiter white. Clear White Emphasises white colours. Live Colour Makes colours more vivid. White Balance Adjusts the temperature of each colour. ~ • In Digital mode, in order to optimize each signal quality the picture settings are applied independently for HD (High-definition) and SD (Standard-definition) pictures. 35 GB Target Inputs Allows you to select whether to use the common settings or to make custom settings for the input you are currently viewing. Common Applies common settings to all inputs in which “Target Inputs” is set to “Common”. Name of current Allows you to make custom settings for the input. input (e.g. AV1) Sound Mode Sets a sound mode. “Sound Mode” includes options best suited for video and photographs, respectively. The options that can be selected differ depending on the scene select settings. Dynamic Enhances the treble and bass sounds. Standard For standard sounds. Recommended for home entertainment. Clear Voice Makes voice sound clearer. Reset Resets all the “Sound” settings to the factory settings excluding “Target Inputs”, “Sound Mode” and “Dual Sound”. Treble Adjusts higher-pitched sounds. Bass Adjusts lower-pitched sounds. Balance Emphasises the left or right speaker. Auto Volume Keeps volume level constant across all programmes and adverts (e.g. adverts tend to be louder than programmes). Volume Offset Adjusts the volume level of the current input relative to other inputs, when “Target Inputs” is set to the current input name (e.g. AV1). Surround Allows you to select the suitable surround effects depending on the genre of TV programme (movie, sport, music, etc.) or video game. The options that can be selected differ depending on the “Scene Select” settings. S-FORCE Front Delivers surround effects that help you enjoy the virtual Surround multi-ch surround audio with just the two internal TV speakers. Cinema Delivers surround effects just like the high-grade audio systems found in movie theatres. Music Delivers surround effects that make you feel like you are surrounded by sound as in a music hall. Sports Delivers surround effects that make you feel like you are watching a live sports contest. Game Delivers surround effects that enhance game sound. Off Converts and reproduces multi-ch audio to 2ch audio. In the case of other audio formats, the original audio is reproduced. Voice Zoom Adjusts the sound level of human voices. For example, if the voice of a news announcer is indistinct, you can turn up this setting to make the voice louder. Conversely, if you are watching a sports programme, you can turn down this setting to soften the voice of the commentator. Sound Enhancer Enhances high-frequency sounds. Sound Booster Produces a fuller sound for more impact, by emphasizing the treble and bass sounds. 36 GB Dual Sound Sets the sound from the speaker for a stereo or bilingual broadcast. Dual Sound Sets the sound from the speaker for a stereo or bilingual broadcast. A/B/Mono For bilingual broadcasts, select “A” for sound channel 1, “B” for sound channel 2, or “Mono” for mono channel, if available. ~ • For other equipment connected to the TV, set “Dual Sound” to “Stereo”, “A”, or “B”. Screen (for...

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