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Instructions Sony, Modèle KDL-52W5500

Fabricant : Sony
Taille : 6.41 mb
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Facilité d'utilisation

• Some photo files may take some time to be displayed when using Photo. • To play files that are received from a network device, they need to conform to one of the following file formats. – Still images: JPEG format – Music: MP3 format or linear PCM format – Video: The following file formats stored on the server: AVCHD, HDV, MPEG2-PS (which in some cases may not be able to be played) Depending on the network device, the file format may be converted before transfer. In such cases, the file format resulting after conversion is used for playback. For details, refer to the instruction manual for the network device being used. Even files conforming to one of the file formats given above cannot be played in some cases. • The file name and folder name support only English. To enjoy photographs, music and videos on the TV screen by operating devices – Renderer Renderer is a feature for playing photo, music and video files stored in network devices (digital still cameras, mobile phones, etc.) on the TV by operating the controller device in question. To use this feature, a renderer- compatible device such as a digital still camera or mobile phone is required as the controller. Refer as well to the instruction manual supplied with the controller. 1 Set “Renderer Function”, “Renderer Access Control” and “Renderer Set-up” in “Network Settings” if necessary (page 44). 2 Play the file selected using the controller on the TV. The file is played on the TV over the connected network. Use the controller or the TV’s remote to perform operations during playback. ~ • You can register the background music to be played during a slideshow using Photo. While playing back music, press OPTIONS, then select “Add to Slideshow”. 30 GB Checking the Network Connection Checking the Network Connection 1 Press HOME. 2 Press G to select “Settings”. 3 Press F/f to select “Network Settings”, then press . 4 Select “Network”, then press . 5 Select “IP Address Settings”, then press . 6 Select an item, and press . When you select “DHCP (DNS automatic)” Go to step 7. When you select “DHCP (DNS manual)” Set “Primary DNS”/“Secondary DNS” using F/f/g and the number buttons. When you select “Manual” Set the following items using F/f/g and the number buttons. • IP Address • Subnet Mask • Default Gateway • Primary DNS/Secondary DNS If your ISP has a specific proxy server setting Press OPTIONS, then press F/f to select “Proxy Set-up” and press . Then enter the settings. 7 Press . 8 Press g to select “Test”, then press . 9 Press G/g to select “Yes”, then press . The network diagnostic starts. When the message “Connection successful.” appears, press RETURN repeatedly to exit. z Adjusting the Server Display Settings You can select home network servers to be displayed on the Home Menu. Up to 10 servers can be displayed on the Home Menu automatically. 1 Set the server to allow connections from the TV. For details on settings on the server, refer to the Operating Instructions supplied with the server. 2 Press HOME. 3 Press G/g to select “Settings”. 4 Press F/f to select “Network Settings”, then press . 5 Select “Server Display Settings”, then press . 6 Select the server you want to display on the Home Menu, then press . 7 Select “Yes”, then press . If you cannot connect to your home network The TV can check if the server is being correctly recognised. 1 Press HOME. 2 Press G/g to select “Settings”. 3 Press F/f to select “Network Settings”, then pr...

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