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Instructions Sony, Modèle KDL-32V5610

Fabricant : Sony
Taille : 6.41 mb
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Facilité d'utilisation

– OPTIONS to display “Device Control”, then select options from “Options” and “Content List” to operate the equipment. – Refer to the instruction manual of the equipment for available control. • If “Control for HDMI” of the TV is set to “On”, “Control for HDMI” of the connected equipment is also automatically switched to “On”. To connect the equipment that is compatible with Control for HDMI Connect the compatible equipment and the TV with an HDMI cable. When connecting an audio system, be sure to also connect the DIGITAL AUDIO OUT (OPTICAL) jack of the TV and the audio system using an optical audio cable (page 22). To make the Control for HDMI settings The Control for HDMI settings must be set on both the TV side and connected equipment side. See “HDMI Set-up” (page 40) for the TV side settings. For settings on the connected equipment, refer to the operating instructions for that equipment. Using Optional Equipment 27 GB Using Home Network Features Using Home Network Features (page 26), or enjoy "AppliCast" while watching a TV programme (page 29). ~ • You will need to contract with an Internet service provider to connect to the Internet. Connecting to the Network Broadband router To network devices TV Network cable (not supplied) Network cable (not supplied) DSL modem/ Cable modem Internet 28 GB Enjoying AppliCast Enjoying AppliCast To Use Widgets Widgets can be displayed by selecting from the Home Menu. While the Widget is displayed, you can add to your Widget list so that it would be registered to be automatically displayed next time when you launch "AppliCast". Some Widgets allow you to save settings to provide you with the preferred information. 1 Press HOME. 2 Press G/g to select "Network". 3 Press F/f to select the desired Widget to be displayed or simply select "AppliCast" icon to display your preferred list of Widgets. 4 Follow the instruction on the Widget. To return to single picture mode Press RETURN. To Add or remove Widgets in AppliCast You can add to or remove from the Widget list. From Widget: 5 While you are displaying the Widget, press OPTIONS. 6 Select "Add to AppliCast" or "Remove from AppliCast". Up to 30 Widgets can be registered in "AppliCast". From "Network" in the Home Menu: 7 Follow STEP1-2 above. 8 Press F/f to select the desired Widget, then press OPTIONS. 9 Follow STEP6. z • There are three Widgets already in the set that don't require internet connection. They are "How to use AppliCast", "Analogue Clock", and "Calendar". • AppliCast Widgets stored in the USB Mass Storage Device connected to BRAVIA. The Widget icons should appear under USB icon under "Network" in the Home Menu. ~ • MAC address and IP address are transmitted automatically from the TV to servers while internet connection is available. The servers are under the control of Sony and MAC address will never be transmitted to the servers controlled by the other parties. • Widgets may be changed or terminated without prior notification to the user. Using Home Network Features (Continued) 29 GB Enjoying Photo/Music/ Video Files via the Network Enjoying Photo/Music/ Video Files via the Network 1 Press HOME. 2 Press G/g to select “Photo”, “Music”, or “Video”. 3 Press F/f to select a server, then press . The file or folder list appears. To display the thumbnail list, press the yellow button while the list is displayed. When the server cannot be found See “Checking the Network Connection” (page 31) and “Adjust...

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