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Instructions Sony, Modèle KDL-40E5500

Fabricant : Sony
Taille : 6.41 mb
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Facilité d'utilisation

1 Press F/f to select the channel you want to remove or move to a new position. 2 Remove or change the order of the digital channels as follows: Programme Allows you to remove or change the order of digital channels Sorting stored in the TV. 1 Press F/f to select the channel you want to remove or move to a new position. 2 Remove or change the order of the digital channels as follows: Press . After a confirmation message appears, press G to select “Yes”, then press . To change the order of the digital channels Press g, then press F/f to select the new position for the channel and press G. 3 Press RETURN. Digital Manual Tunes the digital channels manually. This feature is available Tuning when “Digital Auto Tuning” is set to “Antenna”. 1 Press the number buttons to enter the channel number you want to tune, or press F/f. 2 When the available channels are found, press F/f to select the channel you want to store, then press . 3 Press F/f to select the channel number where you want to store the new channel, then press . Repeat the above procedure to tune other channels. LNA Improves the picture quality of the channel (noisy picture) when the broadcast signal is very weak. Radio Display Displays the screen wallpaper when you listen to a radio broadcast. You can select the screen wallpaper colour, display a random colour or view a slideshow (page 25, 30). To cancel the screen wallpaper display temporarily, press any button. Parental Lock Sets an age restriction to viewing. To view any programme rated for ages above the age you specify, enter the correct PIN code. PIN Code Enter your PIN code to activate “Parental Lock”. You can also change the PIN code. z • PIN code 9999 is always accepted. Technical Setup Auto Service Enables the TV to detect and store new digital services as Update they become available. System Update Enables the TV to automatically receive free software updates through your existing aerial/antenna/cable (when issued). We recommend that you leave the setting to “On” at all times. System Displays the current software version and the signal level. Information Time Zone Allows you to manually select the time zone you are in, if it is not the same as the default time zone setting for your country/ area. Auto DST Select “On” to automatically switch between summer time and winter time according to the calendar. Service Select “On” to automatically change the channel when Replacement broadcaster changes transmission of the viewing programme to a different channel. Using Menu Functions Programme You can switch GUIDE (Sony Guide or GUIDE Plus+). If Guide (only when you change Sony Guide to GUIDE Plus+ programme, go to GUIDE Plus+ is (page 17, 20). available) 43 GB CA Module Set-up Provides access to a pay TV service after you obtain a Conditional Access Module (CAM) and a view card. See the location of the (PCMCIA) socket (page 22). Network Settings Network IP Address Manual Settings Allows you to set the network settings according to your network environment. DHCP (DNS manual) Automatically acquires the network settings except for DNS server settings. You can manually set the DNS settings. Test IP Address/ Subnet Mask/ Default Gateway/ Primary DNS/ Secondary DNS DHCP (DNS automatic) Automatically acquires the network settings through the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol server function of the router or Internet service provider. Diagnoses whether the network is correctly connected. Yo...

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