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Instructions Sony, Modèle KDL-40E5510

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Facilité d'utilisation

The XMB™ is an easy way to select programming and adjust settings on your BRAVIA TV. 1 Press HOME to display the XMB™. Category Object Bar 2 Press G/g to select the category. Media Category Bar Media category icon Description Settings You can make advanced settings and adjustments (page 33). Photo You can enjoy photo files via USB devices or the network (page 25, 30). Music You can enjoy music files via USB devices or the network (page 25, 30). Video You can enjoy video files via USB devices or the network (page 25, 30). Digital You can select a digital channel, Digital Favourite list (page 21), or GUIDE Plus+™ System and the Digital Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) (page 17, 20). Analogue You can select an analogue channel or Analogue Favourite list (page 21). To hide the list of analogue channels, set “Programme List Display” to “Off” (page 40). External Inputs You can select equipment connected to the TV. To assign a label to an external input, see “AV Preset” (page 39). Network You can enjoy “AppliCast” (page 29). 3 Press F/f to select the item, then press . 4 Follow the instructions on the screen. 5 Press HOME to exit. ~ • The options you can adjust vary depending on the situation. • Unavailable options are greyed out or not displayed. 32 GB TV Settings Menu TV Settings Menu System Update can update the TV system using USB memory. Obtain information from the website below. ://support.sony-europe.com/TV/ Instruction Manual ys the instruction manual on the screen (except for KDL-52V55/56xx, 46V55/56xx, 40V55/ 37V55/56xx, 32V55/56xx). llustration of the Remote commander on the screen instruction manual may vary for KDL-46/40/37/ W5720/5730/5740. BRAVIA Tips Introduces how to enjoy the TV (except for KDL-52V55/56xx, 46V55/56xx, 40V55/56xx, 37V55/ 56xx, 32V55/56xx). Clock/Timers Sleep Timer Sets the TV to automatically switch to standby mode after a certain amount of time. When “Sleep Timer” is activated, the (Timer) indicator on the TV front panel lights up in orange. z • When you turn off the TV and turn it on again, “Sleep Timer” is reset to “Off”. On Timer Sets the TV to automatically turn on from standby mode. Auto Clock Update Switches to digital mode and obtains the time. Eco Reset Resets all the “Eco” settings to the factory settings. Power Saving Reduces power consumption of the TV by adjusting the backlight. When you select “Picture Off”, the picture is switched off, and the Picture Off indicator on the TV front panel lights up in green. The sound remains unchanged. Presence Sensor When no presence is detected in front of TV, the TV switches to picture off mode (KDL-46WE5/40WE5 automatically. Additionally, when no presence is detected after 30 minutes in only) picture off mode, the TV switches to standby mode. In this mode, power consumption is reduced by about 70 %. Idle TV Standby Turns the TV off after it has been kept idle for the preset length of time. PC Power Switches the TV to standby mode when the TV receives no signal from the PC Management input source for 30 seconds. (Continued) 33 GB Using Menu Functions Light Sensor Light Sensor ~ • Do not put anything over the sensor, doing so may affect its function. Check the position of the sensor (page 14). Picture Target Inputs Allows you to select whether to use the common settings or to make custom settings for the input you are currently viewing. Common Applies common settings to all inputs in which “Target Inputs” is set to ...

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