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Instructions Sony, Modèle DCR-DVD755E

Fabricant : Sony
Taille : 3.79 mb
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Langue d'enseignement: ensl
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• You can view still images in the JPEG format using a DVD drive on your computer without creating a Photomovie (p.59). • You cannot create a Photomovie on a DVD-RW (VR mode) in this step. Customize it on the EDIT screen (p.92). To change the disc title 1 Touch [DISC TITLE]. 2 Delete unnecessary characters by touching [T]. The yellow cursor moves and characters are deleted from the end. 3 Select the type of a character, then touch the desired character. To erase a character: Touch [T]. To insert a space: Touch [t]. 4 Touch [t] as you register a character to move to the next entry point. • Up to 20 characters can be registered. 5 When you have finished entering characters, touch . The disc title changes to the one you entered. 6 Touch [END]. • You can enter the title up to 20 characters. • When you change a disc title already set by other devices, the 21st and subsequent characters are deleted. Playback on DVD devices Playing back a disc on DVD devices, etc. A finalized disc recorded with your camcorder can be played back on a DVD device, etc. (p.54). DVD+RW discs can be played back without finalizing. • Do not use the 8cm CD adaptor with an 8cm DVD as it may cause a malfunction. • Make sure that a vertically installed DVD device is placed in the position where a disc can be placed horizontally. 1 Insert a disc into a DVD device. 2 Play back the disc. The playback procedure varies depending on the DVD device. For details, refer to the instruction manual supplied with your DVD device. If you have created a DVD menu Playback compatibility Playback compatibility with any DVD device is not guaranteed. Refer to the instruction manual supplied with your DVD device or consult your dealer. DVD +RW You can select the desired scene in the menu. A Photomovie is listed after all the movies in the menu. Photomovie • The disc cannot be played back, freezes for an instant between the scenes, or somefunctionsmay be disabled on some DVD devices. • Still images are played back as a Photomovie swapping images in every 3 seconds. • DVD devices that support subtitles can display the recording date and time where the subtitles normally appear (p.82). Refer also to the instruction manual of your DVD device. Playing back a disc on a computer with a DVD drive installed • Do not use the 8cm CD adaptor with an 8cm DVD as it may cause a malfunction. • Even when you use a DVD+RW, you must finalize the disc (p.54). Otherwise, it may cause a malfunction. Playing back movies Use a DVD drive that supports 8cm discs, and a DVD playback application must have been installed on your computer. 1 Insert the finalized disc into the DVD drive of your computer. 2 Play back the disc using a DVD playback application. • The disc may not be played back on some computers. For details, refer to the instruction manuals of your computer. • You cannot play back or edit movies that have been copied from the disc to the hard disc of your computer. For details on how to import movies, refer to the “First Step Guide” in the supplied CDROM (For DCR-DVD305E/DVD755E). Playing back still images Still images stored on the disc are displayed in the JPEG format. Note that erasing or changing the original data may occur accidentally in this operation since you use the original data on the disc. 1 Insert the finalized disc into a DVD drive of your computer. 2 Click [Start] t [My Computer]. Or, double-click the [My Computer] icon on the desktop. 3 Right-click the DVD drive with the disc inserted, then click [Open]. 4 Double-click [DCIM] t [100MSDCF]. 5 Double-click the file to be displayed. The selected still image appears on the screen. Playback on DVD devices Playing back a disc on a computer with a DVD drive installed (continued) The date the disc was first used is recorded on the volume label of the disc. When the disc was first used at 6:00 pm on January 1st 2006: 2006_01_01_06H00M_PM Volume label Images are stored in the following folders on the disc. xMovies DVD-R/DVD-RW (VIDEO mode)/DVD+RW: VIDEO_TS folder DVD-RW (VR mode): DVD_RTAV folder xStill images DCIM\100MSDCF folder The folder for data for DVD-Rs/DVD-RWs (VIDEO mode)/DVD+RWs when using Windows XP: Still image folder Using the Recorded disc (DVD-RW/DVD+RW) Recording additional scenes after finalizing DVD +RW You can record additional material on the finalized DVD-RWs (VIDEO mode)/ DVD+RWs by following the steps below if there is space to record on the disc. When using the finalized DVD-RW (VR mode) disc, you can record additional material on the disc without any additional steps. • Use the AC Adaptor as power source to prevent your camcorderfrom running out of power during operation. • Do not apply shock or vibration to your camcorder, and do not disconnect the AC Adaptor during operation. • A DVD menu and a Photomovie created during finalizing are deleted. • When you use a double-sided disc, following procedures are required on each side. When using a DVD-RW (VIDEO mode) disc (Unfinalizing) 1...

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