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Instructions Sony, Modèle DCR-DVD705E

Fabricant : Sony
Taille : 3.79 mb
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Langue d'enseignement: ensl
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Therefore, do not coverthe infrared port 4 with your fingers or other objects. • Remove the conversion lens (optional). • Adjust the focus manually ([FOCUS], p.70) when it is hard to focus automatically. • Do not use these functions in bright places. This may cause a malfunction. To adjust the exposure for backlit subjects (BACK LIGHT).............. 7 To adjust the exposure for backlit subjects, press BACK LIGHT 7 to display .. To cancel the back light function, press BACK LIGHT again. To adjust the focus for an off center subject................................. 6 See [SPOT FOCUS] on page 70. To fix the exposure for the selected subject................................. 6 See [SPOT METER] on page 68. Recording/ Playback 46 To record in mirror mode ........... 0 Open the LCD screen 0 90 degrees to the camcorder (1), then rotate it 180 degrees to the lens side (2). • A mirror-image of the subject appears on the LCD screen, but the picture will be normal when recorded. • When recording in mirror mode, the image is not displayed in the viewfinder. To add special effects ............... 6 See PICT. APPLI. on page 75. To use a tripod........................ qg Attach the tripod (optional: the length of the screw must be less than 5.5 mm ) to the tripod receptacle qg using a tripod screw. To attach the shoulder belt ......... qf Attach the shoulder belt (optional) with your camcorder to the hook for the shoulder belt. To use Playback zoom............15 You can magnify pictures from about 1.1 to 5 times the original size. Magnification can be adjusted with the power zoom lever 1 or the zoom buttons 5 on the LCD frame. DCR-DVD304E/DVD305E/DVD755E: DCR-DVD205E/DVD705E: DCR-DVD105E/DVD605E: Playback Functions used for recording/playback, etc. (continued) 1 Play back the picture you want to magnify. 2 Magnify the picture with T (Telephoto). A frame appears on the LCD screen. 3 Touch the portion that you want to display in the center of the LCD screen. 4 Adjust the magnification with W (Wide angle)/T (Telephoto). To cancel, touch [END]. • You cannot change the zoom speed with the zoom buttons 5 on the LCD frame. To play back a series of still images (Slide show) ........... 6 Touch on the still image playback screen. The slide show begins from the selected image. Touch to stop the slide show. To restart, touch again. • You can touch to set continuous slide show playback. The default setting is [ON] (continuous playback). • You cannot operate playback zoom during slide show. Recording/playback To check the remaining battery .... qs Set the POWER switch to OFF (CHG), then press DISP/BATT INFO qs. If you press this button once, BATTERY INFO appears on the screen for about 7 seconds. Press the button while BATTERY INFO appears on the screen to extend the indication to the 20-second maximum. Remaining battery (approx.) Recording capacity (approx.) To turn off the operation confirmation beep.................................... 6 See [BEEP] on page 81. To initialize the settings (RESET).. qd Press RESET qd to initialize all the settings, including settings for date and time. (Setup items customized on Personal Menu are not initialized.) Other part names and functions 9 Built-in stereo microphone When an external microphone (supplied or optional) is connected, it takes precedence over the internal microphone (For DCR-DVD304E/ DVD305E/DVD755E) (p.100). 8 Remote sensor (For DCR-DVD304E/ DVD305E/DVD755E) Point the Remote Commander (p.51) towards the remote sensor to operate your camcorder. qa Speaker Sounds come out from the speaker while playing back. • For how to adjust the volume, see page 43. Recording/ Playback Checking/Deleting the last scene (Review/Review deleting) You can check or delete the last recorded scene. You cannot delete it if: – you have removed the disc. – you have recorded the new movies or still images. Checking the last scene (Review) 1 Slide the POWER switch to light up the (Movie) or (Still) lamp, then touch . The playback of the latest scene starts. Movie Touch to display below function buttons. : Return to the beginning of the viewing movie. / : Adjust the volume Still image To return to recording Touch . • Camera data (recording date, conditions etc.) is not displayed. • When reviewing still images recorded continuously (p.73), you can forward/backward the images with / . Deleting the last scene (Review deleting) DVD +RW If the checked scene is unnecessary, you can delete it on the spot. Use the same procedure to delete still images recorded on the “Memory Stick Duo” until turning off the power after finishing recording (For DCR-DVD304E/DVD305E/ DVD755E). Data once recorded on DVD-Rs cannot be deleted. 1 Press during the review. 2 Touch [YES]. • You cannot recover a scene once you delete it. • You can only delete the last recorded scene. When is grayed out, you cannot delete the scene due to the following reasons. – The last recorded scene has been already deleted. – There is a movie or still image that...

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