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Instructions Sony, Modèle DCR-DVD305E

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ACCESS lamp (“Memory Stick Duo”) Step 8: Selecting the aspect ratio (16:9 or 4:3) of the recording picture (DCR-DVD205E/DVD304E/ DVD305E/DVD705E/DVD755E) By recording in the 16:9 (wide) mode, you can enjoy wide-angle, high-resolution pictures. • If you intend to view pictures on a wide TV, recording in the 16:9 (wide) mode is recommended. POWER switch WIDE SELECT Movies 1 Slide the POWER switch in the direction of the arrow to light up the (Movie) lamp. MODE ON 2 Press WIDE SELECT repeatedly to select the desired screen aspect ratio. 16:9 (wide)* 4:3* * When viewing on the LCD screen. It may be different in the viewfinder. • You cannot change the aspect ratio in the following cases: – when using a DVD+RW – while recording movies – when [D.EFFECT] is set to [OLD MOVIE] (p.76) • Differences in the angle of view between 16:9 (wide) and 4:3 vary depending on the zoom position. • Available recording time may be shorter in the following situations. – when you toggle between 16:9 (wide) and 4:3 while recording on a DVD-R/DVDRW (VIDEO mode). – when you change [REC MODE] (p.78)/ with a DVD-R/DVD-RW (VIDEO mode)/ DVD+RW inserted while 4:3 is set. To play back pictures after connecting your camcorder to a TV Set [TV TYPE] to [16:9] or [4:3] according to your TV (16:9/4:3) (p.52). • When viewing 16:9 (wide) pictures with [TV TYPE] set to [4:3], pictures may appear rough depending on subjects. To play back images on a DVD device or a DVD recorder The way you see pictures on the TV screen may differ depending on your device. For details, refer to the instruction manuals supplied with the devices you use. Still images 1 Slide the POWER switch to light up the (Still) lamp. The image size ratio changes to 4:3. 2 Select the recording media for still images (For DCR-DVD304E/ DVD305E/DVD755E). 1 Touch t [STILL MEDIA]. 2 Select the recording media for still images and touch . • The default setting is [MEMORY STICK]. 3 Press WIDE SELECT repeatedly to select the desired setting. • Still image size is [ 0.7M] ( ) when 16:9 (wide) is set and maximum [1.0M] ( ) when 4:3 is set. • The number of recordable still images varies depending on image quality and image size. For details, see p.74. Getting Started Easy Handycam - using your camcorder with automatic settings Using Easy Handycam operation Easy Handycam operation is a function for making nearly all settings automatic with just one press of the EASY button. Your camcorder automatically carries out the various adjustments required for shooting, so no detailed settings are required. Since only basic functions become available and screen font size increases for easy viewing, even first time users can enjoy easy operation. The settings of your camcorder during Easy Handycam operation Touch [SETUP] to display the available setup items. For details on setup, See page 64. • Nearly all setup items are automatically fixed to the setting of Easy Handycam operation. • is not displayed during Easy Handycam operation. • To perform settings such as focusing manually and adding special effects, cancel Easy Handycam operation. BEEP Invalid buttons during Easy Handycam operation You cannot use following buttons or functions since they are automatically set. If you set an invalid operation, [Invalid during Easy Handycam operation] appears. • BACK LIGHT (p.45) • Press and hold DISP BATT/INFO (For DCR-DVD205E/DVD304E/DVD305E/DVD705E/DVD755E) (p.47) • Review/Review deleting (p.48) To cancel Easy Handycam Press EASY again. disappears on the screen. • If you turn off the power without canceling Easy Handycam operation, your camcorder turns on in Easy Handycam operation automatically when you turn on the power. Now try recording page 34 Complete the preparations described in steps 1 to 8 (p.18 to 30) before operation. • When inserting a new DVD-RW, it is formatted with VIDEO mode. • When using a DVD-RW disc formatted in VR mode, you cannot use the editing function on your camcorder (p.88). If you do not intend to use Easy Handycam operation, go to page 40. EASY button Easy Handycam - using your camcorder with automatic settings 33 Recording with ease To record movies To record still images Slide the POWER switch in the direction of the arrow while pressing the green button only when the POWER switch is in the OFF (CHG) position. DCR-DVD105E/ DVD605E: Movies 1 Slide the POWER switch A in the direction of the arrow to light up the (Movie) lamp. 2 Press START/STOP B (or C). • The default settings is [SP] (p.78). REC [STBY] [REC] To stop recording, press START/STOP again. To record the next images Perform step 2. • You can continue recording if you have not finalized the disc (p.54) and there is remaining space to record on the disc when: – you turn off the power, then turn it on again. – you remove a disc from your camcorder, then insert it again. Easy Handycam - using your camcorder with automatic settings Before Easy Handycam operation Turn on your camcorder and press EASY to set to Easy Handycam operati...

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