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Instructions Sony, Modèle DCR-DVD605E

Fabricant : Sony
Taille : 3.79 mb
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1 Touch t [STILL MEDIA]. 2 Select the media for recording still images, then touch . The recording screen returns with the selected recording media displayed at the top right. • The default setting is [MEMORY STICK]. 1 2 The number of recordable still images and recording media 3 Press PHOTO lightly to adjust the focus A, then press it fully B. Flashing bLights up A shutter sound is heard. When disappears, the image has been recorded. To check or delete the last recording • If the ACCESS lamp is on after recording is finished, it means data is still being written onto (Review/Review deleting) the disc or “Memory Stick Duo” (For DCR- See page 48. DVD304E/DVD305E/DVD755E). Do not apply shock or vibration to your camcorder, and do not disconnect the battery or AC Adaptor. Recording/ Playback Playback Zoom lever Remove the lens cap. POWER switch PLAY/EDITB PLAY/EDIT A 1 Slide the POWER switch to turn on your camcorder. 2 Press PLAY/EDIT A (or B). The VISUAL INDEX screen appears on the LCD screen. Disc type Previous 6 pictures DVD-RW recording format Next 6 pictures Appears with the image on each of the tab that was lastly played back/recorded. Returns to the recording screen 1 3 1 tab: Displays the movies. 2 tab: Displays the still images on the disc. 3 tab: Displays the still images on the “Memory Stick Duo” (For DCR-DVD304E/DVD305E/DVD755E). • It may take some time to display the VISUAL INDEX screen. 2 Useful functions on VISUAL INDEX screen • Moving the zoom lever changes the VISUAL INDEX screen indication from 6 to 12 and more images can be displayed at the same time. Touch [ DISPLAY] in STANDARD SET to set the number of thumbnails that appear in the VISUAL INDEX screen (p.81). • Select to play back the first 5 seconds of each movie clip in the VISUAL INDEX screen in sequence, so you can check the movie. Set [ MOVIE PB] to [OFF] in STANDARD SET not to play back the movie and make the battery last longer (p.81). 3 Start playing back. Movies Still Images Touch tab and the movie to be played back. Beginning of the scene/ Toggles Play or Next previous scene Pause as you touch scene Stop (go to the Reverse/ VISUAL INDEX screen) Forward • When playback of the selected movie reaches the end, the screen returns to the VISUAL INDEX screen. • Touch / during pause to play back movie slowly. • One touch makes the reverse/fast forward approximately 5 times faster, two touches makes it approximately 10 times* faster. * Approximately 8 times faster using a DVD+RW • When you touch a movie marked with i, you can play it back from the point you have stopped previously. Disc: Touch tab and the still image to be played back. Go to the VISUAL Previous/ Next Slide show button (p.47) INDEX screen “Memory Stick Duo” (For DCRDVD304E/ DVD305E/DVD755E) : Touch tab and the still image to be played back. Go to the VISUAL Previous/ Next Slide show button (p.47) INDEX screen Recording/ Playback To adjust the volume To playback the disc on other DVD Touch t [VOLUME], then adjust it devices with / . See page 54. • If you cannot find [VOLUME ] in , touch [SETUP] (p.64). 44 To use zoom .......................15 Move the power zoom lever 1 slightly for a slower zoom. Move it further for a faster zoom. • Be careful not to remove your finger suddenly from the power zoom lever 1 If you do so, the sound of the lever moving may be recorded. • You cannot change the zoom speed with the zoom buttons 5 on the LCD frame. • The minimum distance required between your camcorder and the subject to get a sharp focus is about 1 cm (about 1/2 inch) for wide angle and about 80 cm (about 2 5/8 feet) for telephoto. • You can set [DIGITAL ZOOM] (p.72) if you want to zoom to a level greater than the following: To record sound with more presence (5.1ch surround recording) (For DCRDVD304E/ DVD305E/DVD755E) .......................................... 2 Your camcorder has Dolby Digital 5.1 Creator installed for recording 5.1ch surround sound. Enjoy realistic sound when playing the disc on devices that support 5.1ch surround sound. Functions used for recording/playback, etc. DCR-DVD304E/DVD305E/ DVD755E: DCR-DVD205E/DVD705E: DCR-DVD105E/DVD605E: Recording (optical zoom) DCR-DVD105E/DVD605E 20 . DCR-DVD205E/DVD304E/ DVD305E/DVD705E/ DVD755E 12 . Wider range of view: (Wide) Close view: (Telephoto) When recording in 5.1ch surround sound, attach the supplied surround microphone to your camcorder. Without a surround microphone, your camcorder records in 2ch sound. • is displayed on the screen during 5.1ch recording/playback. 5.1ch sound is converted to 2ch when played back on your camcorder. Dolby Digital 5.1 Creator, 5.1ch surround sound Glossary (p.144) Recording with the supplied microphone Firmly attach the ECM-L100 surround microphone (supplied) to the Active Interface Shoe 2 on the camcorder in the direction of the arrow. When the microphone is correctly attached to your camcorder, appears on the screen. To detach the microphone, slide it in the opposite direction of t...

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