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Instructions Sony, Modèle DCR-DVD304E

Fabricant : Sony
Taille : 3.79 mb
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Langue d'enseignement: ensl
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Getting Started Step 2: Charging the battery pack (continued) On the AC Adaptor • Connect the AC Adaptor to an easily accessible wall socket close by. If any trouble occurs while using the adaptor, immediately shut off the power by disconnecting the plug from the wall socket. • Do not use the AC Adaptor placed in a narrow space, such as between a wall and furniture. • Do not short-circuit the DC plug of the AC Adaptor or battery terminal with any metallic objects. This may cause a malfunction. PRECAUTION • The set is not disconnected from the AC power source (mains) as long as it is connected to the wall socket, even if the set itself has been turned off. Step 3: Turning the power on, and holding your camcorder To record, slide the POWER switch to turn on the respective lamp. When using it for the first time, the [CLOCK SET] screen appears (p.26). POWER switch Lens cap • After you have set the date and time ([CLOCK SET], p.26), the next time you turn on the power of your camcorder, the current date and time will be displayed on the LCD screen for a few seconds. 3 Hold your camcorder correctly. Getting Started 1 Remove the lens cap by pressing both knobs on the sides of the cap. 2 Turn on the power by sliding the POWER switch in the direction of the arrow while pressing the green button in the center. When you record, switch the power mode by sliding the POWER switch in the direction of the arrow until the respective lamp lights up. Green button (Movie): To record movies (Still): To record still images 4 Ensure a good grip, then fasten the belt. To turn off the power Slide the POWER switch to OFF (CHG). • At the time of purchase, the power will be set to turn off automatically if you leave your camcorder without any operation attempted for approximately 5 minutes, to save battery power. ([A.SHUT OFF], p.82). Step 4: Adjusting the LCD screen and viewfinder The LCD screen Open the LCD screen 90 degrees to the camcorder (1), then rotate it to the best angle to record or play (2). DISP/BATT INFO 2180 degrees (max.) 290 degrees 190 degrees to the camcorder (max.) • Be careful not to press the buttons on the LCD frame accidentally when you open or adjust the LCD screen. • If you open the LCD screen 90 degrees to the camcorder, then rotate it 180 degrees to the lens side, you can close it with the LCD screen side facing out. This is convenient during playback operations. To turn off the LCD backlight to make the battery last longer (For DCR-DVD205E/DVD304E/ DVD305E/DVD705E/DVD755E) Press and hold DISP/BATT INFO for a few seconds until appears. This setting is practical when you use your camcorder in bright conditions or you want to save battery power. The recorded picture will not be affected by the setting. To cancel, press and hold DISP/BATT INFO until disappears. • See [LCD/VF SET] - [LCD BRIGHT] (p.79) to adjust the brightness of the LCD screen. The viewfinder You can view pictures using the viewfinder with the LCD panel closed to avoid wearing down the battery, or when the picture seen on the LCD screen is poor. Viewfinder Extend the viewfinder until it clicks. Viewfinder lens adjustment lever Move it until the picture is clear. • You can adjust the brightness of the viewfinder backlight by selecting [LCD/VF SET] - [VF B.LIGHT] (p.79). The recorded picture will not be affected by the setting. • You can adjust [FADER] and [EXPOSURE] while looking through the viewfinder (p.69, 75). Step 5: Using the touch panel You can play back recorded pictures (p.36, 42), or change the settings (p.64) using the touch panel. Touch the buttons displayed on the screen. Support the rear of the LCD panel with the palm of your left hand. Then, touch the buttons displayed on the screen. Touch the button on the LCD screen. Changing the language setting You can change the on-screen displays to show messages in a specified language. Select the screen language in [LANGUAGE] on the TIME/LANGU. (p.82). Getting Started DISP/BATT INFO • Perform the same actions as explained above when you press the buttons on the LCD frame. • Be careful not to press buttons on the LCD frame accidentally while using the touch panel. • If the buttons on the touch panel do not work correctly, adjust the LCD screen. (CALIBRATION) (p.138) To hide the screen indicators Press DISP/BATT INFO to hide or show the screen indicators (counter, etc.). Step 6: Setting the date and time Set the date and time when using this camcorder for the first time. If you do not set the date and time, the [CLOCK SET] screen appears every time you turn on your camcorder or slide the POWER switch. • If you do not use your camcorder for about 3 months, the built-in rechargeable battery gets discharged and the date and time settings may be cleared from the memory. In that case, charge the rechargeable battery and then set the date and time again (p.139). POWER switch Skip to step 4 when you set the clock for the first time. 1 Touch t [SETUP]. 2 Select (TIME/LANGU.) with / , then touch . ...

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