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Instructions Sony, Modèle DCR-SR60E

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The number in the parentheses indicates the number of that item supplied. AC Adaptor (1) (p.8) Mains lead (1) (p.8) Handycam Station (1) (p.8) A/V connecting cable (1) (p.18) USB cable (1) Wireless Remote Commander (1) (DCR-SR50E/SR60E/SR70E/SR80E) A button-type lithium battery is already installed. Rechargeable battery pack NP-FP50 (1) (p.9) Lens Cap (1) (p.10) (DCR-SR30E/SR40E) To attach the lens cap Thread the grip belt through the lens cap ring. CD-ROM (1) (p.19) – “ImageMixer for HDD Camcorder” (Software) – “Handycam Handbook” (PDF) “Operating Guide” (This manual) (1) 21-pin adaptor (1) For the models with the CE mark printed on their bottom surfaces only. On the Remote Commander (DCR-SR50E/SR60E/SR70E/ SR80E) Using the Remote Commander for the first time Remove the insulation sheet before using the Remote Commander. Insulation sheet To change the battery of the Remote Commander 1 While pressing on the tab, inset your fingernail into the slit to pull out the battery case. 2 Place a new battery with the + side facing up. 3 Insert the battery case back into the Remote Commander until it clicks. Tab WARNING Battery may explode if mistreated. Do not recharge, disassemble or dispose of in fire. • A button-type lithium battery (CR2025) is used in the Remote Commander. Do not use batteries other than the CR2025. • When the lithium battery becomes weak, the operating distance of the Remote Commander may shorten, or the Remote Commander may not function properly. In this case, replace the battery with a Sony CR2025 lithium battery. Use of another battery may present a risk of fire or explosion. Getting Started Step 2: Charging the battery pack 1 2 3 4 5 5 POWER switch CHG lamp DC IN jack DC plug AC Adaptor Mains lead To the wall socket Battery pack You can charge the battery after attaching the “InfoLITHIUM” battery pack (P series) to your camcorder. 1 Slide the battery pack in the direction of the arrow until it clicks. 2 Slide the POWER switch in the direction of the arrow to set it to OFF (CHG) (The default setting). 3 Connect the AC Adaptor to the DC IN jack on the Handycam Station. Be sure that the v mark on the DC plug is facing up. 4 Connect the mains lead to the AC Adaptor and the wall socket. 5 Set the camcorder onto the Handycam Station securely. The CHG (charge) lamp lights up and charging starts. The CHG (charge) lamp turns off when the battery pack is fully charged. Remove the camcorder from the Handycam Station. To remove the battery pack Slide the POWER switch to OFF (CHG). Slide the BATT (battery) release lever and remove the battery pack. BATT (battery) release lever • When you remove the battery pack, make sure that none of the respective lamps of the POWER switch (p.10) is on. To charge the battery pack using only the AC Adaptor Slide the POWER switch up to OFF (CHG), then connect the AC Adaptor directly to the DC IN jack on the camcorder. POWER switch Open the jack cover DC plug DC IN jack Available running time for the supplied battery pack NP-FP50 Charging time: Approximate time (min.) required when you fully charge a completely exhausted battery pack. Recording/Playback time: Approximate time (min.) available when you use a fully charged battery pack. (Unit:min.) DCR-SR30E/ SR40E DCR-SR50E/ SR60E/ SR70E/SR80E Charging time 125 125 Recording time*1 Continuous recording time 125 100*2 110*3 Typical recording time*4 65 55*2 60*3 Playback time 140 120*2 *1 When [REC MODE] is set to [HQ]. *2 When the LCD backlight turns on. *3When the LCD backlight turns off. *4 Typical recording time shows the time when you repeat recording start/stop, turning the power on/ off and zooming. On the battery pack • Before changing the battery pack, slide the POWER switch to OFF (CHG). • The power will not be supplied from the battery as long as the AC Adaptor is connected to the DC IN jack of your camcorder, even when the mains lead is removed from the wall socket. On the charging/recording/playback time • Times measured with the camcorder at 25°C (77°F). (10-30°C (50-86°F) is recommended.) • Available recording and playback time will be shorter when you use your camcorder in low temperatures. • The available recording and playback time will be shorter depending on the conditions under which you use your camcorder. On the AC Adaptor • Connect the AC Adaptor to an easily accessible wall socket close by. If any trouble occurs while using the adaptor, immediately shut off the power by removing the plug from the wall socket. • Do not use the AC Adaptor placed in a narrow space, such as between a wall and furniture. • Do not short-circuit the DC plug of the AC Adaptor or battery terminal with any metallic objects. This may cause a malfunction. PRECAUTION • Even if your camcorder is turned off, AC power (mains) is still supplied to it while connected to the wall socket via the AC Adaptor. Getting Started Step 3: Turning the power on and setting the date and time CLOCK SET AREA1 Lisbon , London GMT +0.0 DATE 2006 Y 1M ...

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