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Instructions Sony, Modèle DCR-SR70E

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SELF-TIMER: Selects whether to set the self-timer for shooting a still image. SELF-TIMER: Selects whether to set the self-timer for recording a movie. DIGITAL ZOOM: Selects the zoom level using digital zoom. WIDE SELECT *2: Sets the screen aspect ratio matching a TV screen. STEADYSHOT: Prevents an image from being blurred. STILL SET BURST *1: Records several still images one after another. QUALITY: Selects the quality for recording a still image. IMAGE SIZE *1: Selects the size for recording a still image. PICT.APPLI. FADER: Selects whether to fade in/out adding various effects. D.EFFECT: Records additional digital effects. PICT.EFFECT: Records adding special picture effects. REC CTRL *3: Displays operating buttons when recording an image saved on other device on the camcorder. USB SELECT *4: Selects a function for connecting the camcorder with a computer/printer. DEMO MODE: Displays the demonstration of the functions on the camcorder. Recording/Playback HDD SET HDD FORMAT: Initializes the hard disk drive. HDD INFO: Displays free hard disk space of the hard disk drive. DROP SENSOR: Deactivates the camcorder when detecting a drop for data protection. EMPTY HDD: Prevents data on the hard disk drive from being recovered. – Displays this item only when the camcorder is turned on by pressing DISP/ BATT INFO, with the AC Adaptor connected to the camcorder. STANDARD SET REC MODE: Selects image quality of a movie. VOLUME: Adjusts the volume during a movie playback. MULTI-SOUND: Selects whether to play audio with dual sound or stereo sound. MICREF LEVEL *1: Selects the microphone level for recording sound. LCD SET: Sets various settings for the LCD screen. TV TYPE *1: Selects the aspect ratio of an image output from the camcorder. USB SPEED: Selects the speed for data transfer via USB connection. DATA CODE: Displays date and time and camera data during playback. DISPLAY: Selects a number of thumbnails on the VISUAL INDEX display. REMAINING: Selects whether to display the remaining hard disk free space for a movie recording. REMOTE CTRL *1: Select whether to receive remote control signals or not. REC LAMP *1: Selects whether to light up the REC lamp on the front panel of the camcorder. BEEP: Selects whether to emit a beep during operation. DISP OUTPUT: Selects whether to show a display such as a counter on the LCD screen or on a TV. SETUP ROTATE: Select whether to scroll up or down the setup items. A.SHUT OFF: Automatically turns off the camcorder when it is not operated. CALIBRATION: Adjusts the sensibility for the touch panel. TIME/LANGU. CLOCK SET: Select date and time. AREA SET: Adjust a time difference without stopping the clock abroad. SUMMERTIME: Selects whether to set summer time. LANGUAGE: Selects the language to be used on the LCD screen. *1 DCR-SR50E/SR60E/SR70E/SR80E *2 DCR-SR30E/SR40E *3 DCR-SR60E/SR80E *4 [USB SELECT] appears automatically when your camcorder is connected to a computer or other device with the USB cable. Troubleshooting If you run into any problems using your camcorder, refer to the following table to troubleshoot them. If your problem persists, remove the power source and contact with your Sony dealer. Note before sending your camcorder for repair • Your camcorder may be required to initialize or change the current hard disk of the camcorder, depending on the problem. In the event of this, the data stored on the hard disk will be deleted. Be sure to save (backup) the data on the hard disk (see “Handycam Handbook” (PDF)) on the other media before sending your camcorder to repair. We cannot guarantee any loss of your hard disk data. • During repair, we may check a minimum amount of data stored on the hard disk in order to improve the condition. However, your Sony dealer will neither copy nor save your data. The camcorder does not operate even when the power is set to on. • Remove the AC Adaptor from the wall socket or remove the battery pack, then reconnect it after about one minute. If the functions still do not work, press the RESET button (p.15) using a sharp-pointed object. (If you press the RESET button, all settings are reset, except the Personal Menu items.) • The temperature of your camcorder is extremely high. Turn off your camcorder and leave it for a while in a cool place. • The temperature of your camcorder is extremely low. With POWER switch turned on, leave the camcorder for a while. If you still cannot operate the camcorder, turn it off, taking it to a warm place. Leave the camcorder there for a while, then turn on the camcorder. Buttons do not work. • During Easy Handycam operation, available buttons are limited. Cancel Easy Handycam operation. For details on Easy Handycam operation, refer to “Handycam Handbook” (PDF). The power does not turn on. • The battery pack is notattached to the camcorder. Attach a charged battery pack to the camcorder (p.8). • The battery pack is discharged or running low. Charge the battery pack (p.8). • The plug of the AC Adaptor has been remov...

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