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Instructions Sony, Modèle DCR-SR50E

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Display : 4MB VRAM video card, Minimum 1024 . 768 dots, High color (16 bit color, 65 000 colors). This product will not operate correctly at less than 800 . 600 dots, and 256 colors or less. USB port : As standard equipment (USB 2.0 recommended) • The camcorder is compatible with Hi-Speed USB (USB2.0). You can transfer data at a faster rate using a computer compatible with Hi-Speed USB (USB2.0). When you connect a USB interface not compatible with Hi- Speed USB (USB2.0), the data transfer ratio will be that of USB1.1 (USB full speed). Disc Drive : A DVD writable drive • Operations are not guaranteed on any computers fulfilling the above system requirements. x Installing software You need to install the software to your Windows computer. The installation is only required once. 1 Confirm that your camcorder is not connected to the computer. 2 Turn on the computer. • Log on as Administrators for installation. • Close all the applications running on the computer before installing the software. 3 Place the CD-ROM (supplied) on the disc drive of your computer. The select screen for installation appears. 4 Click [ImageMixer for HDD Camcorder]. The installation screen appears. If the screen does not appear, follow the steps below. 1Click [start], then click [My Computer] (For Windows 2000, double-click [My Computer] on the desktop.) 2Double-click [CAMCORDERSOFT (E:)] (CD-ROM)* * Drive names (such as (E:)) vary depending on the computer. 3Double-click [install.exe]. 5 Click [Install]. 6 Select the language for the application to be installed, then click [Next]. 7 Click [Next]. 8 Read [License Agreement], check [I accept the terms of the license agreement] when you agree, then click [Next]. 9 Select a folder to save the software, then click 2Click [Next]. [Next]. 0 Select [PAL], then click [Next]. qa Click [Install] on the [Ready to Install the Program] screen. The installation for “ImageMixer for HDD Camcorder” starts. qs If the [Installing Microsoft ® DirectX ®] screen is displayed, follow the steps below to install DirectX 9.0c. If not, skip to step qd. 1Read [License Agreement], then click [Next]. 3Click [Finish]. qd Make sure [Yes, I want to restart my computer now.] is checked, then click [Finish]. The computer turns off once, then starts up again automatically (Restart). When you complete the installation, the shortcut icons for [ImageMixer for HDD Camcorder] and [ImageMixer destination folder] appear on the desktop of your computer. qf Remove the CD-ROM from the disc drive of your computer. Recording/Playback Performing various functions - Setup 1 Slide the POWER switch in the direction of the arrow repeatedly until the respective lamp lights up. : Settings for movies : Settings for still images : Settings for PLAY/EDIT 2 Touch the LCD screen to select the setup item. Unavailable items will be grayed out. x To use the short-cuts of Personal Menu On Personal Menu, short-cuts for frequently used setup items are added. • For details, see “Handycam Handbook” (PDF). 1 Touch . STBY 60min SETUP EXPO- SURE SPOT FOCUS FADER FOCUSSPOT METER 2 Touch the desired setup item. If the desired setup item is not displayed on the screen, touch / until it is displayed. 3 Select the desired setting, then touch . x To change the setup items You can customize setup items that are not added to Personal Menu. 1 Touch t[SETUP]. 2 Select the desired setup item. Touch / to select the item, then touch . (The process in step 3 is the same as that in step 2.) 3 Select the desired item. • You can also touch the item directly to select it. 4 Customize the item. After finishing the settings, touch t (close) to hide the setup screen. If you decide not to change the settings, touch to return to the previous screen. x To change the setup items during Easy Handycam operation does not appear during Easy Handycam operation. Touch [SETUP], available setup items appear. Setup items Available setup items vary depending on the operating mode. Unavailable items will be grayed out on the LCD screen of the camcorder. For details, refer to “Handycam Handbook” (PDF). CAMERA SET PROGRAM AE: Records images effectively in various situations. SPOT METER: Adjusts and fix the exposure to a subject. EXPOSURE: Fixes the brightness of an image. WHITE BAL.: Adjusts the color balance to the brightness of the recording environment. AUTO SHUTTER: Automatically activates the electronic shutter to adjust the shutter speed. SPOT FOCUS: Selects and adjusts the focal point to aim it to at a subject not located in the center of the screen. FOCUS: Adjusts the settings to have focused on a subject. FLASH SET *1: Adjusts various settings for using an external flash. SUPER NSPLUS: Records an image in a higher sensitivity than NightShot plus. NS LIGHT: Records clearer images with the light which emits infrared light while using NightShot plus. COLOR SLOW S: Records an image brighter in color even in dark places. SELF-TIMER: Selects whether to set the self-timer for shooting a stil...

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