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Instructions Sony, Modèle DCR-SR40E

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Touch the button on the LCD screen. 1 Remove the lens cap by pressing both tabs on the sides of the cap. Pull the lens cap string down until stopped by the grip belt (DCRSR30E/ SR40E). 2 Turn on the power by sliding the POWER switch in the direction of the arrow while pressing the green button in the center. When you record or play back an image, slide the POWER switch in the direction of the arrow repeatedly until the respective lamp lights up. (Movie): To record movies (Still): To record still images (PLAY/EDIT): To play back images on your camcorder, or to edit/delete them 3 Select the desired geographical area with / , then touch . 4 Set [SUMMERTIME], [Y] (year), [M] (month), [D] (day), hour and minute. The clock starts. • The recording date and time are not displayed during recording but are automatically recorded onto the hard disk and displayed during playback (see “Handycam Handbook” (PDF)). When resetting the date and time You can set the desired date and time by touching t [SETUP] t TIME/LANGU. t [CLOCK SET] (p.22). Step 4: Making setting adjustments before recording Getting Started 4 Fasten the grip belt and hold your camcorder correctly. 2 3 1 2180 degrees (max.) 290 degrees (max.) 190 degrees to the camcorder 16:9 (wide) 4:3 1 Open the LCD screen 90 degrees to the camcorder (1), then rotate it to the best angle to record or play (2). 2 Slide the POWER switch in the direction of the arrow repeatedly until the respective lamp lights up. (Movie):To record movies (Still):To record still images • When you turn on (Still), the screen aspect ratio is changed to 4:3 automatically. 3 Press WIDE SELECT repeatedly to select the desired screen aspect ratio (DCR-SR50E/SR60E/SR70E/ SR80E). Recording 1 1231.0M FINE P-MENU 60min REC60min P-MENUSTART/ STOP 00:01:00 PHOTO START/STOP BSTART/STOP ALens cover Opens in accordance with the setting of the POWER switch (DCR-SR50E/ SR60E/SR70E/SR80E). [STBY] b [REC] Flashing b Lights up Beep Shutter click 1 Slide the POWER switch in the direction of the arrow repeatedly until the respective lamp lights up. Press the green button only when the POWER switch is in the OFF (CHG) position. 2 Start recording. Movies Still Images Press START/STOP A (or B). Press PHOTO lightly to adjust the focus A, then press it fully B. To stop recording, press START/STOP A shutter sound is heard. When again. disappears, the image has been recorded. • If the ACCESS lamp is on after recording is finished, it means data is still being written onto the hard disk. Do not apply shock or vibration to your camcorder, and do not remove the battery pack or AC Adaptor. • You cannot record movies and still images at the same time. • The maximum continuous recordable time is approximately 13 hours. Playback 1 Slide the POWER switch repeatedly to light up the (PLAY/EDIT) lamp. The VISUAL INDEX screen appears on the LCD screen. Recording date Previous 6 images Next 6 images 12:34:01 21 12 2006 DATE EDIT60min60min P-MENU (Movie) tab (Still) tab (Playlist) tab Searching for the desired images by date The last recorded/played back movie is marked with i. Also, when you touch i,you can play back the movie from the point you have stopped previously. Recording/Playback 2 Start playback. Movies Touch (Movie) tab and the movie to be played back. Beginning of the Toggles Play scene/previous or Pause as you Next scene touch scene P-MENU 001-1000 Stop (go to the VISUAL Reverse/Forward INDEX screen) When playback from the selected movie reaches the last movie, the screen returns to the VISUAL INDEX screen. Still Images Touch (Still) tab and the still image to be played back. Slide show button 101-0001 P-MENU Go to the VISUAL INDEX screen Previous/ Next • Touch / during pause to play back movie slowly. • One touch of / makes the reverse/ fast forward approximately five times faster, two touches make it approximately 10 times faster, three touches make it approximately 30 times faster, four touches make it approximately 60 times faster. • The ACCESS lamp either lights or flashes when image data is read from the hard disk drive of the camcorder. To adjust the volume Touch / t [VOLUME], then adjust it with . • If you cannot find [VOLUME] in , touch [SETUP] (p.22). 13 Parts and functions used for the camcorder Handycam Station Recording 1 NIGHTSHOT PLUS switch To record in dark places, set the NIGHTSHOT PLUS switch to ON. ( and [“NIGHTSHOT PLUS”] appear.) 2 Power zoom lever To use zoom, move the power zoom lever. Move the power zoom lever slightly for a slower zoom. Move it further for a faster zoom. W:Wide Wider range of view T:Telephoto Close view 5 Built-in stereo microphone Records sound. 6 Remote sensor (DCR-SR50E/SR60E/SR70E/SR80E) Receive the signal from the Remote Commander. 7 Recording lamp (DCR-SR50E/SR60E/SR70E/SR80E) The recording lamp lights up red during recording. The lamp flashes when the remaining capacity for the battery or the hard disk of the camcorder is running low. 8 Tripod receptacle (Bottom surface...

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