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Instructions Sony, Modèle KDL-46EX401

Fabricant : Sony
Taille : 1.81 mb
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Facilité d'utilisation

Obtain information from the website below. Instruction Manual Instruction Manual Displays contents of Instruction Manual on the screen. Use coloured buttons to move through the screens. Press F/f/G/g to select , then press to go to related item or access real application. Picture Picture Mode Selects the picture mode. “Vivid”: For enhanced picture contrast and sharpness. “Standard”: For standard picture. Recommended for home entertainment. ~ • "Picture Mode" is set depending on "Scene Select" settings. • "Vivid" and "Standard" are available when "General" is selected in "Scene Select" mode. Backlight Adjusts the brightness of the backlight. ~ • Reducing the brightness of the screen, the power consumption will be reduced. Contrast Increases or decreases picture contrast. Brightness Brightens or darkens the picture. Colour Increases or decreases colour intensity. Hue Increases or decreases the green tones and red tones. z • “Hue” can only be adjusted for an NTSC colour signal (e.g., U.S.A. video tapes). Sharpness Sharpens or softens the picture. Colour Temperature Adjusts the whiteness of the picture. “Cool”: Gives the white colours a blue tint. “Neutral”: Gives the white colours a neutral tint. “Warm”: Gives the white colours a red tint. z • “Warm” can not be selected when you set “Picture Mode” to “Vivid”. 24 GB Noise Reduction Noise Reduction “High/Medium/Low”: Modifies the effect of the noise reduction. “Off”: Turns off the “Noise Reduction” feature. MPEG Noise Reduces the picture noise in MPEG-compressed video. Reduction Advanced Settings Customizes the Picture function in more detail. “Adv. Contrast Enhancer”: Automatically adjusts “Backlight” and “Contrast” to the most suitable settings judging from the brightness of the screen. This setting is especially effective for dark images scenes, and will increase the contrast distinction of the darker picture scenes. “Auto Light Limiter”: Reduces glare such as in scenes where the entire screen is white. “Live Colour”: Makes colours more vivid. Reset Resets all “Picture” settings except “Picture Mode” to the factory settings. ~ • “Noise Reduction” and “MPEG Noise Reduction” are not available when “Picture Mode” is set to “Photo”. • “Advanced Settings” is not available when “Picture Mode” is set to “Vivid” or for USB (Photo/Music) input. Sound Sound Effect Selects the sound mode. “Dynamic”: Intensifies clarity and sound presence for better intelligibility and musical realism. “Standard”: Enhances clarity, detail, and sound presence. “Clear Voice”: Makes voice sound clearer. Surround Selects the surround mode. “Surround”: For surround sound (for stereo programmes only). “Simulated Stereo”: Adds a surround-like effect to mono programs. “Off”: For normal stereo or mono reception. Treble Adjusts higher-pitched sounds. Bass Adjusts lower-pitched sounds. Balance Emphasizes left or right speaker balance. Reset Resets all the “Sound” settings to the factory settings. Dual Sound Selects the sound from the speaker for a stereo or bilingual broadcast. “Stereo”, “Mono”: For a stereo broadcast. “A”/“B”/“Mono”: For a bilingual broadcast, select “A” for sound channel 1, “B” for sound channel 2, or “Mono” for a mono channel, if available. z • If you select other equipment connected to the TV, set “Dual Sound” to “Stereo”, “A” or “B”. Auto Volume Keeps a constant volume level even when volume level gaps occur (e.g., adverts tend to be louder than programmes). Using MENU Functions Continued 25 GB Volume Offset Volume Offset Speaker Turns on/off the TV’s internal speakers. “TV Speaker”: The TV speakers are turned on in order to listen to the TV’s sound through the TV speakers. “Audio System”: The TV speakers are turned off in order to listen to the TV’s sound only through your external audio equipment connected to the audio output sockets. PC Audio Input S...

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