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Instructions Sony, Modèle KDL-32EX401

Fabricant : Sony
Taille : 1.81 mb
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Facilité d'utilisation

~ • The effect may not function or may vary depending on the programme regardless of the “Dynamic Range” setting. “Optical Out”: Sets the audio signal that is output from the DIGITAL AUDIO OUT (OPTICAL) jack of the TV. Set to “Auto”, when connecting equipment compatible with Dolby Digital. Set to “PCM”, when connecting equipment not compatible with Dolby Digital. “Downmix Mode”: Set the dowmix method of multi-channel to two-channel sound. • “Surround”: Select to get best surround performance, or while using external products with Pro Logic. • “Stereo”: Select to get a stereo output. ~ • “Sound Effect”, “Surround”, “Treble”, “Bass”, “Balance”, “Reset” and “Auto Volume” are not available when “Speaker” is set to “Audio System”. Eco Power Saving Selects the power saving mode to reduce the power consumption of the TV. “Standard”: Default settings. “Reduce”: Reduces the power consumption of the TV. “Picture Off”: Switches off the picture. You can listen to the sound with the picture off. Sleep Timer Sets a period of time after which the TV automatically switches itself into standby mode. When the “Sleep Timer” is activated, the (Sleep Timer) indicator on the TV front panel lights up in orange. z • When you turn off the TV and turn it on again, “Sleep Timer” is reset to “Off”. • A notification message appears on the screen one minute before the TV switches to standby mode. Idle TV Standby Selects the time (“1h”, “2h” or “4h”) to set the TV into standby mode automatically, if you do not operate the TV for the specified period of time. PC Power Management When this is set to “On,” turns to standby mode if no PC signal is received. Only available in PC input. Light sensor Automatically optimises the picture settings according to the ambient light in the room. ~ • Do not put anything over the sensor, doing so may affect its function. Check the position of the sensor (page 14). 26 GB Reset Resets all the “Eco” settings to the factory settings. ~ • Energy efficiency reduces power consumption and thus saves money by reducing electricity bills. Screen Screen Format Screen Format (only in PC mode) Screen Format (only in USB (Video) mode) Changes the screen format. For details about the screen format, see page 16. “Normal”: Displays the picture in its original size. “Full 1”: Enlarges the picture to fill the vertical display area, while maintaining its original proportion. “Full 2”: Enlarges the picture to fill the display area. “Normal”: Displays the picture in its original size. “Zoom”: Enlarges the picture. 4:3 Default Sets the default screen format for 4:3 broadcasts. RGB Centre Adjusts the horizontal picture position so that the picture is in the middle of the screen. z • This option is only available if an RGB source has been connected to the Scarts connectors / AV1 or / AV2 on the rear of the TV. PC Adjustment Customizes the TV screen as a PC monitor. z • This option is only available if a PC signal is received. “Phase”: Adjusts the screen when a part of a displayed text or image is not clear. “Pitch”: Enlarges or shrinkes the screen size horizontally. “Horizontal Shift”: Moves the screen to the left or to the right. “Vertical Shift”: Moves the screen up or down. “Reset”: Resets to the factory settings. Display Area Adjusts the picture display area. “Full Pixel” (except for KDL-32BX3xx, 32EX3xx, 26EX3xx, 22EX3xx): Displays pictures in their original size when parts of the picture are cut off. “Normal”: Displays pictures in their recommended size. “+1”: Displays pictures in their original size. ~ • These options may change depending on the input displayed. Vertical Shift Adjusts the vertical position of the picture when “Screen Format” is set to “Zoom”, “14:9” or “Subtitle”. Vertical Size Adjusts the vertical size of the picture when “Screen Format” is set to “Smart”. Using MENU Functions 27GB Auto Start-up Starts the initial s...

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