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Instructions Sony, Modèle KDL-40EX401

Fabricant : Sony
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Facilité d'utilisation

Use “Remove from list” to remove music files from the list and “Slideshow Music” to browse or change the order of music files. To return to the XMB™ Press RETURN. ~ • If the photograph is selected from a USB device, it must remain connected to the TV. • If “Sleep Timer” is activated, the TV automatically will switch into standby mode. Using BRAVIA Sync with Control for HDMI The Control for HDMI function enables the TV to communicate with the connected equipment that is compatible with the function, using HDMI CEC (Consumer Electronics Control). For example, by connecting Sony equipment that is compatible with Control for HDMI (with HDMI cables), you can control them together. Be sure to connect the equipment correctly, and make the necessary settings. Control for HDMI • Automatically turns the connected equipment off when you switch the TV to standby mode using the remote. • Automatically turns the TV on and switches the input to the connected equipment when the equipment starts to play. • If you turn on a connected audio system while the TV is on, the sound output switches from the TV speaker to the audio system. • Adjusts the volume (2 +/–) and mutes the sound (%) of a connected audio system. • You can operate the connected Sony equipment that has the BRAVIA Sync logo by the TV remote by pressing: – m/N/M/./x/> to operate the connected equipment directly. – SYNC MENU to display the menu of the connected HDMI equipment on the screen. After displaying the menu, you can operate the menu screen by using F/f/G/g, , colour buttons, and RETURN. – Select “Device Control”, then select the desired option to operate the equipment. – Refer to the instruction manual of the equipment for available control. – Select “TV Control” to open XMB™ or TV options menu. • If “Control for HDMI” of the TV is set to “On”, “Control for HDMI” of the connected equipment is also automatically switched to “On”. To connect the equipment that iscompatible with Control for HDMI Connect the compatible equipment and the TV with an HDMI cable. When connecting an audio system, be sure to also connect the DIGITAL AUDIO OUT (OPTICAL) jack of the TV and the audio system using an optical audio cable (page 19). To make the Control for HDMI settings The Control for HDMI settings must be set on both the TV side and connected equipment side. See “HDMI Set-up” page 28 for the TV side settings. For settings on the connected equipment, refer to the operating instructions for that equipment. 22 GB Using MENU Functions Using MENU Functions The XMB™ (XrossMediaBar) is a menu of BRAVIA features and input sources displayed on the TV screen. The XMB™ is an easy way to select programming and adjust settings on your BRAVIA TV. 1 Press HOME to display the XMB™. Category Object Bar Media Category Bar 2 Press G/g to select the category. Media category icon Description Settings You can make advanced settings and adjustments (page 24). Photo You can enjoy photo files via USB devices (page 21). Music You can enjoy music files via USB devices (page 21). Video You can enjoy video files via USB devices (page 21). Digital You can select a digital channel, Digital Favourite list (page 18) and the Digital Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) (page 17). Analogue You can select an analogue channel or Analogue Favourite list (page 18). External Inputs You can select equipment connected to the TV. To assign a label to an external input, see “AV Preset” (page 28). 3 Press F/f to select the item, then press . 4 Follow the instructions on the screen. 5 Press RETURN to exit. ~ • The options you can adjust vary depending on the situation. • Unavailable options are greyed out or not displayed. Using MENU Functions 23 GB System Update System Update You can update the TV system using USB memory. Obtain information from the website below. Instruction Manual Instructi...

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