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Instructions Sony, Modèle KDL-32EX302

Fabricant : Sony
Taille : 1.81 mb
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Facilité d'utilisation

By ensuring these batteries are disposed of correctly, you will help prevent potentially negative consequences for the environment and human health which could otherwise be caused by inappropriate waste handling of the battery. The recycling of the materials will help to conserve natural resources. In case of products that for safety, performance or data integrity reasons require a permanent connection with an incorporated battery, this battery should be replaced by qualified service staff only. To ensure that the battery will be treated properly, hand over the product at end-of-life to the applicable collection point for the recycling of electrical and electronic equipment. For all other batteries, please view the section on how to remove the battery from the product safely. Hand the battery over to the applicable collection point for the recycling of waste batteries. For more detailed information about recycling of this product or battery, please contact your local Civic Office, your household waste disposal service or the shop where you purchased the product. 10 GB i-MANUAL i-MANUAL Displays the instruction manual on the screen. Navigating through the Instruction Manual 1 Press i-MANUAL. 2 Press F/f to select topic from the Table of Contents, then press . Use the corresponding coloured button to go to next or previous page and to return to Table of Contents. If the explanation is linked to other topic, the symbol will appear. Press F/f/G/g to select then press . Press RETURN to go back. 3 Press RETURN to exit. ~ • The XMB™ (XrossMediaBar) is a menu of BRAVIA features and input sources displayed on the TV screen. i-MANUAL 11 GB Overview of the remote 1 "/1 – TV standby Turns the TV on and off from standby mode. ~ • Depending on the model you may also have an additional power button on the rear of the Remote Commander. 2 – Screen mode (page 16) 3 – Digital Favourite list Press to display the Digital Favourite list that you have specified (page 18). 4 / – Info/Text reveal • In digital mode: Displays brief details of the programme currently being watched. • In analogue mode: Displays information such as current channel number and screen format. • In Text mode (page 16): Reveals hidden information (e.g. answers to a quiz). 5 F/f/G/g/ 6 OPTIONS (page 16, 21) Enables you to access various viewing options and change/make adjustments according to the source and screen format. 7 HOME (page 23) 8 Coloured buttons (page 16, 18) 9 Number buttons • In TV mode: Selects channels. For channel numbers 10 and above, press the second and third digit in quick succession. • In Text mode: Enters the three digit page number to select the page. 0 – Subtitle setting Press to change the subtitle language (page 30) (in digital mode only). qa AUDIO Press to change the dual sound mode (page 25). qs PROG +/–/ / • In TV mode: Selects the next (+) or previous (-) channel. • In Text mode (page 16): Selects the next ( ) or previous ( ) page. qd 2 +/– – Volume qf % – Mute the sound qg / – Text (page 16) qh RETURN / Returns to the previous screen of any displayed menu. qj GUIDE / – EPG (Digital Electronic Programme Guide) (page 17) qk DIGITAL – Digital mode (page 15) ANALOG – Analogue mode (page 15) ql SCENE – Scene Select (page 16) w; i-MANUAL Displays contents of Instruction Manual on the screen. 12 GB a BRAVIA Sync m/N/M/./x/>: You can operate the BRAVIA Sync- compatible equipment that is connected to the TV. SYNC MENU: Displays the menu of connected HDMI equipment. While viewing other input screens or TV programmes, “HDMI Device Selection” is displayed when the button is pressed. THEATRE: You can set Theatre Mode to on or off. When Theatre Mode is set to on, the optimum sound quality (if the TV is connected with an audio system using an HDMI cable) and picture quality for film-based contents are automatically set. ~ • If you turn the TV off, Theat...

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