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Instructions LG, Modèle 32CS460

Fabricant : LG
Taille : 6.73 mb
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Facilité d'utilisation

If it is set to on, the subtitle is displayed by default. • Audio Description: This function is for the blind, and provides explanatory audio describing the current situation in a TV programme in addition to the basic audio. When Audio Description is selected On, basic audio and Audio Description are provided only for those programmes that have Audio Description included. □ To set Power Indicator SETTINGS ^ OPTION ^ Standby Light Turns the standby light in the front panel of the TV on/off. □ To change TV mode SETTINGS ^ OPTION ^ Mode Setting Selects Home Use or Store Demo. When in use in home, please select Home Use. Store Demo mode is for store display. □ To specify Factory Reset SETTINGS ^ OPTION ^ Factory Reset All stored information is deleted and TV settings are reset. TV turns itself off and back on, and all settings are reset. ^ When Lock System is in place, a pop-up window appears and asks for password. ^ Do not turn off the power during initialization. Plays content stored on a USB device (external HDD, USB memory stick) directly on the TV, easily and conveniently. □ To connect a USB device Connect the USB storage device to the TV's USB IN terminal. The connected USB storage device can be used immediately. □ To remove the USB device Q.MENU ^ USB Device Select a USB storage device that you want to remove. When you see a message that the USB device has been removed, separate the device from the TV. ^ Once a USB device has been selected for removal, it can no longer be read. Remove the USB storage device and then re-connect it. □ Using a USB storage device - warning ^ If the USB storage device has a built-in auto recognition program or uses its own driver, it may not work. ^ Some USB storage devices may not work or may work incorrectly. ^ Use only USB storage devices formatted with the Windows FAT32 or NTFS File System. ^ For external USB HDDs, it is recommended that you use devices with a rated voltage of less than 5 V and a rated current of less than 500 mA. ^ It is recommended that you use USB memory sticks of 32 GB or less and USB HDDs of 1 TB or less. ^ If a USB HDD with power-saving function does not work properly, turn the power off and on. For more information, refer to the user manual of the USB HDD. ^ Data in the USB storage device can be damaged, so be sure to back up important files to other devices. Data maintenance is the user's responsibility and the manufacturer is not responsible for data loss. □ To use My Media SETTINGS ^ MY MEDIA ^ All Media / Movie List / Photo List / Music List Selects a file from the list. Displays the file that you choose. Sets play related settings by checking option during disk playback. □ To set up My Media SETTINGS ^ OPTION ^ My Media Setting • DivX VOD Registration : Checks DivX Reg. Code for replaying DivX protected videos. Register at Use Reg. Code to rent or purchase movies at ^ Rented/purchased DivX files cannot be ...

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