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Instructions LG, Modèle 26LS3590

Fabricant : LG
Taille : 6.73 mb
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Facilité d'utilisation

Press any button on the remote control to turn the screen back on. □ To use Sleep Timer SETTINGS ^ TIME ^ Sleep Timer Turns off the TV after a preset number of minutes. To cancel the Sleep Timer, select Off. □ To set current time SETTINGS ^ TIME ^ Clock Checks or changes the time while watching TV. • Auto : Synchronizes the TV clock to the digital time information sent by the TV station. • Manual : Sets the time and date manually if the auto setup does not correspond to the current time. □ To set the TV to turn on and off automatically SETTINGS ^ TIME ^ On Time / Off Time Sets On / Off time. Select Off on Repeat to discontinue On Time / Off Time. ^ To use On Time / Off Time, set the current time correctly. ^ Even when the On Time function is on, the TV will turn off automatically in 120 minutes when no button is pressed within that time. □ To set Automatic Standby SETTINGS ^ TIME ^ Automatic Standby [Depending on model] If you do not press any button on the TV or remote control for a certain period, the TV will automatically switch to standby mode. ^ This function does not work on Store Demo mode or while software update. □ To set password SETTINGS ^ LOCK ^ Set Password Sets or changes TV password. ^ The initial password is set to r0000_i. When France is selected for Country, password is not r0000j but r1234_i. When France is selected for Country, password cannot be set to r0000j. □ To lock system SETTINGS ^ LOCK ^ Lock System Locks the selected channel or external input. First set Lock System to On. • Block Programme : Blocks programmes with content inappropriate for children. Programmes can be selected but the screen is blank and the audio is muted. To watch a locked programme, enter the password. • Parental Guidance : This function operates according to information from the broadcaster. Therefore if the signal has incorrect information, this function does not operate. Prevents children from watching certain adult TV programmes according to the ratings limit set. Enter a password to watch a blocked programme. Ratings differ by country. • Input Block : Block the input sources. □ To use Key Lock SETTINGS ^ LOCK ^ Key Lock Locks control buttons on TV. ^ Key Lock function remains intact even in case of power outage or when the power cord is removed from the wall socket. ^ Key Lock function can only be set by remote control, and not by the button on the TV. ^ Even though Key Lock is set to ON, TV’s buttons can turn on the power. SETTINGS ^ OPTION ^ Language You can select the language of the menu displayed on the screen and the digital sound broadcasting. • Menu Language : Selects a language for the display text. • Audio Language [In Digital mode Only] : Selects the desired language when watching digital broadcasting containing several voice languages. • Subtitle Language [In Digital mode Only] : Use the Subtitle function when two or more subtitle languages are broadcast. ^ If subtitle data in a selected lan...

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