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Instructions LG, Modèle 26LS3500

Fabricant : LG
Taille : 6.73 mb
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Facilité d'utilisation

In Expert mode, detailed fine-tuning can be set via Gamma method, etc. • Colour Management System: This is a system that experts use when they adjust colour with a test pattern. They can select from six colour areas (Red / Green / Blue / Cyan / Magenta / Yellow) without affecting other colours. For normal images, adjustments may not result in noticeable colour changes. ^ Depending on input signal or other picture settings, the range of detailed items for adjustment may differ. □ To reset picture settings SETTINGS ^ PICTURE ^ Picture Mode ^ Picture Reset Resets picture settings that the user customizes. Each picture mode is reset. Select the picture mode you wish to reset. □ To use Sound Mode SETTINGS ^ AUDIO ^ Sound Mode Adjusts TV audio to an optimal level according to a selected sound mode. □ To manually adjust Sound Mode SETTINGS ^ AUDIO ^ Sound Mode ^ Infinite Surround / Treble / Bass / Reset You can set minute options for each sound mode. First select a Sound Mode of your choice. • Infinite Surround: LG’s proprietary audio processing technology allows 5-channel-like surround sound from two speakers. ^ If Clear Voice II is set to On, Infinite Surround will not be selected. • Treble/Bass: Adjusts treble and bass in Sound. • Reset: Resets voice options that the user has changed. Resets each voice mode. Select the sound mode you wish to reset. □ To set Auto Volume SETTINGS ^ AUDIO ^ Auto Volume Auto Volume to On. Varying volume output from channel to channel is automatically adjusted for convenient TV watching when clicking through different programme. □ To adjust Clear Voice ll function SETTINGS ^ AUDIO ^Clear Voice ll Boosts audio clarity from the TV. □ To adjust audio balance SETTINGS ^ AUDIO ^ Balance Adjusts left/right audio balance. □ To use TV speakers SETTINGS ^ AUDIO ^ TV Speaker [Depending on model] When listening to speakers on external audio devices such as home theatre equipment, the TV speaker may be turned off. When there are SIMPLINK-connected home theatre devices, setting the TV speaker to OFF will automatically turn on the home theatre equipment. • Off: TV speakers do not play sound. TV sounds can be played through external audio device speakers. ^ In this mode, volume is adjusted on the external audio device connected to the TV. • On: The TV’s internal speakers play TV sound. □ To use Digital Audio Out SETTINGS ^ AUDIO ^ Digital Audio Out [Depending on model] Sets up Digital Audio Out. Item Audio Input Digital Audio output MPEG PCM Auto Dolby Digital Dolby Digital Dolby Digital Plus Dolby Digital HE-AAC Dolby Digital PCM All PCM □ DTV Audio Setting SETTINGS ^ AUDIO ^ DTV Audio Setting [Depending on model] When an input signal comprises different audio signals, this function allows you to select the audio type you want. If set to AUTO, the search order is HE-AAC ^ Dolby Digital+ ^ Dolby Digital ^ MPEG and output is produced in the first Audio Format found. ^ In Italy only...

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