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Instructions LG, Modèle 26LS3510

Fabricant : LG
Taille : 6.73 mb
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Facilité d'utilisation

When there are SIMPLINK-connected home theatre devices, setting the TV speaker to OFF will automatically turn on the home theatre equipment. • Off: TV speakers do not play sound. TV sounds can be played through external audio device speakers. ^ In this mode, volume is adjusted on the external audio device connected to the TV. • On: The TV’s internal speakers play TV sound. □ To use Digital Audio Out SETTINGS ^ AUDIO ^ Digital Audio Out [Depending on model] Sets up Digital Audio Out. Item Audio Input Digital Audio output MPEG PCM Auto Dolby Digital Dolby Digital Dolby Digital Plus Dolby Digital HE-AAC Dolby Digital PCM All PCM □ DTV Audio Setting SETTINGS ^ AUDIO ^ DTV Audio Setting [Depending on model] When an input signal comprises different audio signals, this function allows you to select the audio type you want. If set to AUTO, the search order is HE-AAC ^ Dolby Digital+ ^ Dolby Digital ^ MPEG and output is produced in the first Audio Format found. ^ In Italy only, the search order is HE-AAC ^ Dolby Digital+ ^ MPEG ^ Dolby Digital. ^ If the selected Audio Format is not supported, another Audio Format may be used for output. □ To select external input Press INPUT button. Selects external input. ^ Edit the device name: You can edit the name of the external device connected to the external input port. □ To use SIMPLINK SIMPLINK is a feature that enables you to control and manage various multimedia devices conveniently using only the TV remote control via the SIMPLINK menu. 1 Connect the TV's HDMI IN terminal and the SIMPLINK device's HDMI output terminal using an HDMI cable. • [Depending on model] For home theatre units with a SIMPLINK function, connect HDMI terminals as above, and use an optical cable to connect Optical Digital Audio Out from the TV to Optical Digital Audio In of the SIMPLINK device. 2 Select INPUT ^ SimpLink. SIMPLINK menu window appears. 3 In SIMPLINK Setting window, sets SIMPLINK function to ON. 4 In SIMPLINK menu window, selects the device you want to control. ^ This function is only compatible with devices with the SIMPLINK logo. ^ To use the SIMPLINK function, you need to use a high-speed HDMI® cable (with CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) feature added). High-speed HDMI® cables have the No. 13 pin connected for information exchange between devices. ^ If you switch to another input, the SIMPLINK device will stop. ^ If a third-party device with the HDMI-CEC function is also used, the SIMPLINK device may not work normally. ^ [Depending on model] If you select or play media from a the device with a home theatre function, the HT Speaker is automatically connected. Be sure to connect with an optical cable (sold separately) to use the HT Speaker function. ° SIMPLINK function description • Direct Play: Plays the multimedia device on the TV instantly. • Select multimedia device: Selects the desired device via the SIMPLINK menu to control it from the TV screen instantly. • Disc...

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