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Instructions Sony, Modèle DSC-W50

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Facilité d'utilisation

. 2 cm (13/16 inches) Setting all the way to the T side: Approx. 30 cm (11 7/8 inches) ©Using the self-timer Before Step ©, press ▼ (0) on the control button repeatedly until the desired mode is selected. No indicator Not using the self-timer 11 QO Getting the 10-second delay self-timer I ¿"2 Setting the 2-second delay self-timer Press the shutter button, the self-timer lamp flashes, and a beep sounds until the shutter operates. To cancel, press ▼ again. • If you use the 2-second delay self-timer, you may prevent blur. Self-timer lamp If you shoot a still image of a subject that is difficult to focus on • The shortest shooting distance is 50 cm (19 3/4 inches). Shoot in the close-up (Macro) mode (left) when shooting a subject closer than the shortest shooting distance. • When the camera cannot focus on the subject automatically, the AE/AF lock indicator changes to flashing slowly and the beep does not sound. Recompose the shot and focus again. Subjects difficult to focus on are: -Distant from the camera and dark -Moving fast -The contrast between the subject and its -Reflective light or with a lustrous finish background is poor. -Flashing -Seen through glass -Backlit To brighten up the display (DSC-W50 only) If you view images in bright outside light, adjust the brightness of the LCD backlight up. However, the battery power may decrease faster under such condition. If you press □I (Screen display switch) button longer (above), the backlight brightens. If you press again, the backlight is cancelled. To identify items on the screen —► “User’s Guide/Troubleshooting” (page 19) To turn off the LCD screen Press □I (Screen display switch) button (above) repeatedly. Use the finder (above) for saving battery power, or shooting images when it is difficult to confirm using the LCD screen. Shoot still images (Scene Selection) q View/delete images Select the desired mode of Scene Selection (¡so, ,J, *■■>,©, • o \ •k J- High Sensitivity |gQ II Shoot without flash I I in low-light I reducing blur_II Function Guide • For details on modes, see below. O Shoot with the shutter button. On Function Guide The operational instructions displayed on the Function Guide are automatically turned off in a few seconds. When you want to cancel the Function Guide, press the Shutter Button half way down. You can set the Function Guide not to be displayed on the â (Setup) screen. —► “User’s Guide/ Troubleshooting ” (page 48) To cancel the Scene Selection Set the mode dial to other than the mode of Scene Selection. O Press [►] (Playback). • If you press [►] button when the camera is powered off, the camera is turned on in the playback mode. lever !Üï / OD button Control button To return to the shooting mode • Press H (Playback) again. • Press and hold the shutter button halfway down. • Change the position of the mode dial. 0 Select an image with Still image: the image size is displayed Movie: £$ is displayed £1 Movie: To play back a movie, press #. Playback bar Rewind/Fast forward: A/^ (Return to normal playback: •) ► Volume: A/T Stop playback: # » Movies with the image size [160] are displayed a size smaller. To delete images 1 Display the image you want to delete and press ® (Delete). 2 Select [Delete] with ▲, then press •. To cancel the deletion Select [Exit], then press I Scene Selection modes The following modes are predetermined to match the scene conditions. Beach ¡0Q High sensitivity Shoot without flash in low-light reducing blur J Twilight* Shoot low light scene without flash Twilight portrait* Shoot portraits in low light with flash @ Snow Shoot whitish scene brightly Shoot waterside scene with rich blue color \Æ Landscape Shoot landscapes with distant focus «□ ' Shoot subject with soft background * The shutter speed becomes slower, so using a tripod is recommended. To use the functions set by the control button with Scene Selection Before shooting in step ©, select the settings with the control button. Some functions are not available, depending on the Scene Selection mode. When you press the button to select functions that cannot be combined with Scene Selection, a beep sounds. —► “User’s Guide/ Troubleshooting ” (page 29) To view an enlarged image (playback zoom) Slide (5^ lever while displaying a still image. To undo the zoom, press Q lever. Adjust the portion: AfW/A/^ Cancel playback zoom: # To store enlarged images: [Trimming] —► “User’s Guide/Troubleshooting” (page 45) Viewing an index screen Slide H (Index) lever and select an image with AfT/A/^. To return to the single-image screen, press •. To display the next (previous) index screen, press <*/►. saoa ▲ iuJËL_Ihm \MMÎE r “ “ I muaü ÜP-Sj ^<(§> ▼ I 1°back/next 2006Éâ^30^1 To delete images in index mode 1 While an index screen is displayed, press ■■■■ / mi (Delete) and select [Select] with A/T on the control button, then press •. 2 Select the image you want to delete with AJT/A/...

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