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Instructions Sony, Modèle DSC-W50

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Facilité d'utilisation

This section describes the [Auto] and [Mass Storage] as examples. For details on [PTP], see page 54. • When your computer resumes from a suspend or sleep mode, communication between your camera and your computer may not recover at the same time. 57 Using your computer I Installing the software (supplied) You can install the software (supplied) using the following procedure. • When using Windows 2000/Me, do not connect the camera to the computer before installation. • In Windows 2000/XP, log on as Administrator. • When the supplied software is installed, the USB driver is installed automatically. Turn on your computer, and insert the CD-ROM (supplied) into the CD-ROM drive. The installation menu screen appears. 4 Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation. When the restarting confirmation message appears, restart the computer following the instructions on the screen. 5 Remove the CD-ROM after the installation is complete. 1 • If it does not appear, double-click ^ (My Computer) -► ifgj (CYBERSHOTSOFT). 2 Click [Install]. The “Choose Setup Language” screen appears. 3 Select the desired language, then click [Next]. The “License Agreement” screen appears. Read the agreement carefully. If you accept the terms of the agreement, click the radio button next to [I accept the terms of the license agreement] and then click [Next]. 58 Copying images to your This section describes the process using a Windows computer as an example. You can copy images from the camera to your computer as follows. For a computer with a “Memory Stick” slot Remove the “Memory Stick Duo” from the camera and insert it in the Memory Stick Duo Adaptor. Insert the Memory Stick Duo Adaptor in the computer and copy the images. If the “Memory Stick PRO Duo” is not recognized, see page 88. For a computer without a “Memory Stick” slot Follow Stages 1 through 4 on pages 59 to 63 to copy images. • When using Windows 2000/Me, install the supplied software before proceeding. With Windows XP, the installation is unnecessary. • The screen displays shown in this section are the examples for copying images from “Memory Stick Duo”. Stage 1: Preparing the camera and the computer 1 Insert a “Memory Stick Duo” with recorded images into the camera. • When copying images in the internal memory, this step is unnecessary. computer 2 Insert the sufficiently charged battery pack in the camera, or connect the camera to a wall outlet (wall socket) with the AC Adaptor (not supplied). When you copy images to your computer using a battery pack with little remaining charge, copying may fail or image data may become corrupted if the battery pack shuts down too soon. 3 Press [►] to turn on the camera and the computer. 59 Using your computer ■ Stage 2: Connecting the camera and your computer DSC-W50 © To the multi connector © To the USB jack Cable for multiuse terminal DSC-W30/W40 1 ¿I USB cable © To the (USB) jack © To the USB - jack J • With Windows XP, the AutoPlay wizard appears on the desktop. “USB Mode Mass Storage” appears on the screen of the camera. Access indicators* When a USB connection is established for the first time, your computer automatically runs a program to recognize the camera. Wait for a while. * During communication, the access indicators turn red. Do not operate the computer until the indicators turn white. • If “USB Mode Mass Storage” does not appear, set [USB Connect] to [Mass Storage] (page 54). Stage 3-A: Copying images to a computer • For Windows 2000/Me, follow the procedure explained in “Stage 3-B : Copying images to a Computer” on page 61. • For Windows XP, when the wizard screen does not appear automatically, follow the procedure explained in “Stage 3-B : Copying images to a Computer” on page 61. This section describes an example of copying images to a “My Documents” folder. After making a USB connection in Stage 2, click [Copy pictures to a folder on my computer using Microsoft Scanner and Camera Wizard] t [OK] as the wizard screen appears automatically on the desktop. O 0 The “Scanner and Camera Wizard” screen appears. 1 60 I 2 Click [Next]. The images saved on the “Memory Stick Duo” of the camera appear. • If no “Memory Stick Duo” is inserted, images in the internal memory appear. 3 Click the check box of unwanted images to remove the checkmark so they are not copied, then click [Next]. The “Picture Name and Destination” screen appears. 4 Select a name and destination for the images, then click [Next]. Image copying starts. When the copying is completed, the “Other Options” screen appears. • This section describes an example of copying images to the “My Documents” folder. 5 Click the radio button next to [Nothing. I'm finished working with these pictures] to select it, then click [Next]. The “Completing the Scanner and Camera Wizard” screen appears. 6 Click [Finish]. The wizard screen closes. • To continue copying other ima...

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