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Instructions Sony, Modèle DSC-W40

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Facilité d'utilisation

If some trouble occurs while using the battery charger, immediately shut off the power by disconnecting the plug from the wall outlet (wall socket). When charging is finished, disconnect the power cord (mains lead) from the wall outlet (wall socket), and remove the battery pack from the battery charger. The time required to fully charge the battery pack (supplied) from when it is completely discharged at a temperature of 25°C (77°F) is approximately 330 min., and the practical charging time is approximately 270 min. Charging may take longer under certain circumstances or conditions. Battery eject lever Open the battery/ Insert the battery pack while Close the battery/ “Memory Stick Duo” pressing the battery eject lever “Memory Stick Duo” cover. with the tip of the battery. cover. V_) O Insert the charged battery pack. Printed on 100% recycled paper using VOC (Volatile Organic Compound)-free vegetable oil based ink. Checking the accessories supplied • Battery charger BC-CSG (1) • USB cable (1) (DSC-W30/W40) ■ AN cable ( 1 ) (DSC-W30/W40 ) ■ Wrist strap ( 1 ) (DSC-W30/W50) » Rechargeable battery pack NP-BG1 (1)/Battery case (1) Soft carrying case (1) (DSC-W40) •USB, A/V cable for multiuse terminal (1) (DSC-W50) • CD-ROM (Cyber-shot application software) (1) » Operating instructions: “Read This First” (this manual) (1) » Operating instructions: “User’s Guide/Troubleshooting” (1) A “Memory Stick Duo” is not supplied. The camera has its own internal memory (32 MB), however, purchase of a “Memory Stick Duo” is recommended for shooting more images. “Memory Stick Duo”: you can use a “Memory Stick Duo” with your camera. “Memory Stick”: you cannot use a “Memory Stick” with your camera. Other memory cards cannot be used. • For details on “Memory Stick Duo” —► “User's Guide/ Troubleshooting” (page 95) Notes • Charge the battery pack (supplied) before using the camera for the first time. • The LCD screen is manufactured using extremely high-precision technology so over 99.99% of the pixels are operational for effective use. However, there may be some tiny black points and/or bright points (white, red, blue or green in color) that constantly appear on the LCD screen. These points are normal in the manufacturing process and do not affect the recording in any way. o II ii__Hook * ^'^ie camera is a precision instrument. Be careful not ^ ^ij __ to bump the lens or the LCD screen, and not to apply force to it. Attach the strap to prevent the camera from damage by being dropped, etc. ► Designed for use with compatible Sony batteries. Additional information on this product and answers to frequently asked questions can be found at our Customer Support Website. Using the AC Adaptor You can connect the camera to a wall outlet (wall socket) using the AC-LS5K AC Adaptor (not supplied). —► “User’s Guide/Troubleshooting” (page 18). To check the remaining battery time Press POWER button to turn on and check the remaining battery on the LCD screen. Battery remaining indicator □ O 0 Ж / \ Battery Sufficient Battery half full Battery low, Change the battery with remaining power recording/ fully charged one, or charge guidelines remaining playback will the battery. (The warning stop soon. indicator flashes.) • It takes about one minute until the correct battery remaining indicator appears. • The displayed battery remaining indicator may not be correct under certain circumstances. To remove the battery pack Slide the battery eject lever to pull the battery pack out. Be sure not to drop the battery pack when pulling it out. To use your camera abroad — Power sources You can use your camera, the battery charger, and the AC-LS5K AC Adaptor (not supplied) in any country or region where the power supply is within 100 V to 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz. • Do not use an electronic transformer (travel converter), as this may cause a malfunction. p Turn the camera on/set the clock O Select Û- © Press the POWER button. Lighting POWER), 0 Set the clock with the control button. 1 Select the date display format with A/T, then press ■ Y/M/D M/D/Y D/IWY II 120061 1 I if [12] :[~ÖÖ~| I OK | 2 Select each item with Al^- and set the numeric value with A/T, then press #. 2ÖÖ6l/m01 |~T2~1 :[~0Ö~| rölT 3 Select [OK] with ►, then press #. 20061/| 1~|y| T| pTÖ~| :[~^Ö~ r~ÖK~ • To cancel, select [Cancel] and press •. 4 Select the image size for use \ V Select a mode. Still image: ifeÖfl Select Û. O Press¡il: /m (Image Size). © Select the size with ▲/▼. Up to 10x15cm/4x6"print Appx. Image Capacity 33pics k2M I [» VGA • The screen above is for still images. • For movies, select [640(Fine)] (“Memory Stick PRO Duo” only), [640(Standard)] or [160]. Q Press =!J: / m (Image Size) to complete the setting. / on button To change the date and time Select [Clock Set] in the S (Setup) screen and perform the procedure in step e above. —► "User’s Guide/Troubleshooting” (pages 46 and 5...

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