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Instructions Dolmar, Modèle PS-401

Fabricant : Dolmar
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Cruise control lever OFF ON ADJUSTMENT OF IDLING DANGER The carburetor is the adjustment being completed at the time of factory shipment. Please do not adjust other than idling adjusting. When adjustment becomes necessary, please consult your dealership or an authorized service agent. Checkup of low-speed rotation Set the low-speed rotation to 3500 ( /min). • If it is necessary to change the rotation speed, regulate the adjusting screw, with Phillips screwdriver. • Turn the adjusting screw to the right, and the engine rotation will increase. Turn the adjusting screw to the left, and the engine rotation will drop. Adjusting screw Carburetor 12 OPERATION METHOD 1. Blower operation • Hold the machine firmly during operation. • Direct the nozzle end toward the object to be dusted and pull the trigger lever. • The trigger lever can be fixed in an arbitrary position with the cruise control lever. • Maintain the trigger lever at a position where the engine speed appropriate for the operation is obtained and set the cruise control lever to the “ON” position. • To adjust the engine speed, set the cruise control lever to the “OFF” position once, adjust the engine speed with the trigger lever again, then set and fix the cruise control lever to the “ON” position. • Operation of the trigger lever with the cruise control lever in the “ON” position may cause failure. • The lower portion of the fuel tank acts as an assist handle, which enables operation with both hands. In this case, be sure to hold the assist handle with a right hand. 2. Dust Collection Operation WARNING • Do not allow kerosene, gasoline, or lighted cigarette to be sucked into the machine. - Otherwise, fire may occur. • Do not allow foreign materials, such as large wood chips, metals, glass, pebbles, etc., to be sucked into the machine. - Otherwise, failure may occur. • Overfilling of the dust bag with dust may cause its overflow toward the engine side. Empty the bag in a proper timing. - Otherwise, the fire may occur. • Carry the dust bag belt on the shoulder and adjust the belt length to ensure easy operation. • Confirm that the dust bag is not twisted and pull the trigger lever to start dust collection. • When the dust bag is filled with dust, remove the dust bag from the machine and open the fastener to empty the bag. NOTE If this machine is operated with the protector oriented upwards or the main handle downwards, there may appear white smoke, oil contamination or oil leakage. 13 INSPECTION AND MAINTENANCE DANGER • • - Before inspection and maintenance, stop the engine and allow it to cool. Remove also the spark plug and plug cap. If inspection or maintenance is attempted immediately after engine stop or with the plug cap left attached, the operator may suffer burn or an accident due to careless startup. After inspection and maintenance, be sure to confirm that all parts are assembled. Then, proceed to operation. 1. Replacement of engine oil Deteriorated engine oil will shorten the life of...

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