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Instructions Dolmar, Modèle PS-400

Fabricant : Dolmar
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(9) Rotation of the engine speed stabilizes and when from low speed making at high speed rotation, if reaches the point where it accelerates smoothly, it is completion of warming-up. (2) Stop Switch (6) Primer pump Close(3) (4) (7) Open 11 NOTE • The engine may be damaged if the choke lever is moved further beyond the “CLOSE” position. • If the engine stops with an explosion sound or if the engine started, but stopped before operation of the choke lever, return this lever to the “OPEN” position and pull the starter handle several times to start the engine again. • If the operator keeps pulling the starter handle several times with the choke lever left in the “CLOSE” position, the engine may be difficult to start because of over-suction of the fuel. • In case of over-suction of the fuel, remove the spark plug and pull the handle several times rapidly to discharge any excess fuel. Dry the spark plug electrode. • When the throttle valve does not return to a position in contact with the idling adjusting screw even if the throttle lever is set to the low speed, correct the control cable catching state to ensure proper return of the valve. 2) When the engine is warm (1) Place the engine on a flat ground. (2) Press the primary pump several times. (3) Confirm that the choke lever is open. (4) Hold the main handle with a left hand to prevent the engine from moving, settle down to take the stable position. (5) Pull out slowly the starter handle till a certain resistance is felt. Return the starter handle backward once from this position, then pull it out with force. (6) When the engine is difficult to start, open the throttle valve by about 1/3. 2. Stopping 1) When the cruise control lever is OFF Release the trigger lever to reduce the engine speed, and set the stop switch to the “O” position. 2) When the cruise control lever is ON Set the cruise control lever to the OFF position, reduce the engine speed, and set the stop switch to the “O” position. Cruise control lever OFF ON ADJUSTMENT OF IDLING DANGER The carburetor is the adjustment being completed at the time of factory shipment. Please do not adjust other than idling adjusting. When adjustment becomes necessary, please consult your dealership or an authorized service agent. Checkup of low-speed rotation Set the low-speed rotation to 3500 ( /min). • If it is necessary to change the rotation speed, regulate the adjusting screw, with Phillips screwdriver. • Turn the adjusting screw to the right, and the engine rotation will increase. Turn the adjusting screw to the left, and the engine rotation will drop. Adjusting screw Carburetor 12 OPERATION METHOD 1. Blower operation • Hold the machine firmly during operation. • Direct the nozzle end toward the object to be dusted and pull the trigger lever. • The trigger lever can be fixed in an arbitrary position with the cruise control lever. • Maintain the trigger lever at a position where the engine speed appropriate for the operation is obtained and set the cr...

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