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Instructions Braun, Modèle MR 6500 M

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Faulty, unqualified repair work may cause considerable hazards to the user. • Before plugging into a socket, check whether your voltage corresponds to the voltage printed on the bottom of the appliance. • The appliance is constructed to process normal household quantities. • Neither the beaker H , nor the chopper bowl (c) is microwave-proof. Description A B C D E F G H I J K Motor part On/off switch for variable speed Turbo switch Buttons for releasing the working parts Variable speed regulator Blender shaft Wall mount Measuring beaker with air-tight lid Whisk gear box Whisk Chopper Setting the speed When activating switch B , the processing speed corresponds to the setting of variable speed regulator E . The higher the setting, the faster the chopping results. However, maximum processing speed can only be achieved by pressing the turbo switch C . You may also use the turbo switch for instant powerful pulses without having to manipulate the speed regulator. Depending on the application, we recommend the following speed settings: Handblender 1...turbo Chopper 1...turbo Whisk 1...15 How to operate your handblender The handblender is perfectly suited for preparing dips, sauces, soups, mayonnaise and baby food as well as for mixing drinks and milkshakes. 1. Insert the motor part A into the blender shaft F until it locks. 2. Introduce the handblender in the vessel, then press the on/off switch B or the turbo switch C . 3. To release the blender shaft after use, press buttons D and pull it off. You can operate the handblender in the measuring beaker H , and just as well in any other vessel. When blending directly in the saucepan while cooking, take the pan from the stove first to protect your handblender from overheating. How to operate your whisk Use the whisk only for whipping cream, beating egg whites and mixing sponges and ready-mix desserts. 1. Insert the whisk J into the whisk gear box I , then insert the motor part A into the gear box until it locks. 2. Place the whisk in a vessel and only then, press switch B to operate it. 3. To release, press buttons D and pull off the gear box. Then pull the whisk out of the gear box. For best results: • Do not use the beaker H , but a wider bowl. • Move the whisk clockwise, holding it slightly inclined. Whipped cream Only whip up to 400 ml chilled cream (min. 30 % fat content, 4 – 8 °C). Start with a low speed setting (1) and while whipping, increase the speed to setting 15. Egg snow Only whip up to 4 egg whites. Start with a medium speed setting (7) and while beating, increase the speed to setting 15. How to operate your chopper attachment (a) Chopper gear box (b) Blade (c) Chopper bowl (d) Anti-slip base/lid a b c d The chopper is perfectly suited for chopping meat, cheese, onions, herbs, garlic, carrots, walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds etc. For chopping hard goods (e.g. hard cheese), use the on/off turbo switch C . N.B.: Do not chop extremely hard food, such as ice cubes, nutmeg, coffee beans, and grains. Before chopping ... • pre-cut meat, cheese, onions, garlic, carrots (see table page 5) • remove stalks from herbs, un-shell nuts • remove bones, tendons and gristle from meet. 1. Caution: Carefully remove the plastic cover from the blade. The blade is very sharp! Always hold it by the upper plastic part. Place the blade on the centre pin of...

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