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Instructions Sony, Modèle ICD-U50

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Folders for messages Folder for MP3 files * * is a folder for MP3 files. If you select and record messages, the folder will be automatically switched to A, B, C, D or E, whichever has sufficient space for those messages. . Press /MENU to select a folder. . Press REC/PAUSE in the stop mode to start recording. The message will be automatically added after the end of the last recorded message. e.g.Message 1Message 2New messageEmpty space . Speak into the built-in microphone. . Press STOP to stop the recording. !Notes . While the OPR indicator is flashing or is lit in orange, do not remove the battery. Doing so may damage the data. . Noise may be recorded if an object, such as your finger, etc., accidentally rubs or scratches the IC recorder during recording. . Before making a recording, be sure to check the remaining battery indicator. To pause recording Press REC/PAUSE. “PAUSE” flashes. To release pause and resume recording, press REC/PAUSE again. Monitoring the recording Connect the headphone supplied or an optional stereo ear receiver to the . (headphone) jack and monitor the recording. You can adjust the volume with the control key by pressing it toward VOL + or VOL –, but the recording level is fixed. Selecting the recording mode Select “HQ”, “SP”, or “LP” in the “REC MODE:HQ” menu (see “Menu Settings” on the reverse side). To record in better sound quality, select “HQ.” Selecting the microphone sensitivity Select the microphone sensitivity in the “MIC SENS:H” menu (see “Menu Settings” on the reverse side). Maximum recording time The maximum recording time* of all the folders is as follows. You can check the remaining recording time by selecting “REMAIN” in the “DISPLAY>” menu (see “Menu Settings” on the reverse side). * When deleting Player Plug-in for Windows Media Player and Windows® 2000 Professional, Windows® 98 Second Edition Driver. ICD-U50 ICD-U60 ICD-U70 HQ*1 28 hr. 40 min. 57 hr. 30 min. 115 hr. 10 min. SP*2 76 hr. 30 min. 153 hr. 25 min. 307 hr. 15 min. LP*3 125 hr. 15 min. 251 hr. 5 min. 502 hr. 45 min. (hr.: hours / min.: minutes) *1 HQ: High quality recording mode *2 SP: Standard play recording mode *3 LP: Long play recording mode Remaining memory indicator During recording, the remaining memory amount indicated decreases. When nothing is recorded, “ ” is displayed. When the remaining recording time reaches 5 minutes, the remaining memory indicator “ ” flashes. When the memory is full, recording automatically stops, an alarm sounds, and “MEMORY FULL” will flash, and the remaining memory indicator “ ” will flash. To continue recording, first erase some of the messages. . Starting Recording Automatically in Response to the Sound (VOR Function) Set the VOR (voice operated recording) function to “ON” in the “VOR:OFF” menu (see “Menu Settings” on the reverse side). Playback/Erasing . Playing Back Messages When playing back a message you have just finished recording, start from Step .. . Press /MENU to select the folder you want. . Press the control key toward . or . to select the message number you want to play, and press .. to start playback. . Adjust the volume by pressing the control key toward VOL + or VOL –. . Press STOP to stop playback. To Do this pause playback Press ... To resume playback from that point, press .. again. go back to the beginning of the current message Press toward . once. go back to previous messages Press toward . repeatedly. (During the stop mode, keep the key pressed to go back through the messages continuously.) skip to the next message Press toward . once. skip to succeeding messages Press toward . repeatedly. (During the stop mode, keep the key pressed to skip the messages continuously.) search forward/backward* Keep pressing toward . (forward/cue) or . (backward/review) during playback and release the key at the point you wish to resume playback. * If you keep the control key toward . or . pressed, the IC recorder starts to search at higher speed. During cue/review, the counter will be displayed, regardless of the display mode setting. If you keep the control key toward . to the end of the recorded messages, “MESSAGE END” flashes and the IC recorder stops at the beginning of the last message in the folder. Adjusting the playback speed (DPC: Digital Pitch Control function) Set the DPC switch to ON. Set the playback speed in the “DPC: 0%” menu (see “Menu Settings” on the reverse side). To resume normal playback Set the DPC switch to OFF. !Notes . When the DPC switch is set to ON, the playback sound changes. . When the DPC switch is set to ON, an MP3 file may be played back at a lower speed than the one you set in the “DPC 0%” menu. Selecting the playback mode Change the playback mode in the “VOICE PL MODE>” menu (see “Menu Settings” on the reverse side). Playing back a specified section repeatedly (A-B Repeat) 1 During playback, press A-B (repeat) briefly to set the starting point (A). 2 While “A-B B?” is flashing, press A-B briefly again to set the finishing point ...

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