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Instructions Sony, Modèle DCR-HC96E

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Facilité d'utilisation

To eject the cassette Open the lid following the same procedure as described in Step 1 and remove the cassette. • For DCR-HC44E/HC46E/HC94E/HC96E: Do not insert/eject the cassette while your camcorder is on the Handycam Station. This may cause a malfunction. 21 Getting Started You can use only a “Memory Stick Duo” marked with or (p. 119). • The number and time of recordable pictures varies depending on the image quality or the image size. For details, see page 52. 1 Open the LCD panel. 2 Insert the “Memory Stick Duo” into the “Memory Stick Duo” slot in the right direction until it clicks. DCR-HC94E/HC96E: DCR-HC36E/HC44E/HC46E: • If you force the “Memory Stick Duo” into the slot in the wrong direction, the “Memory Stick Duo,” the “Memory Stick Duo” slot, or image data may be damaged. To eject a “Memory Stick Duo” Lightly push in once and slide out the “Memory Stick Duo” alongside the camcorder body. • Do not remove the “Memory Stick Duo” forcibly with the fingers as it may be damaged. • When the access lamp is lit or flashing, your camcorder is reading/writing data. Do not shake or knock your camcorder, turn the power off, eject the “Memory Stick Duo,” or remove the battery pack. Otherwise, image data may be damaged. • When inserting or ejecting the “Memory Stick Duo,” be careful that the “Memory Stick Duo” does not pop out and drop. “Memory Stick Duo” Access lamp With the v mark facing to the LCD screen Access lamp With the v mark facing to the LCD screen Step 8: Selecting the aspect ratio (16:9 or 4:3) of the recording picture (DCR-HC44E/HC46E/ HC94E/HC96E) By recording in the 16:9 (wide) mode, you can enjoy wide-angle, high-quality pictures. • If you intend to view pictures on a wide TV, recording in the 16:9 (wide) mode is recommended. WIDE SELECT button POWER switch Selecting the aspect ratio for recording movies on a tape Be sure to set the POWER switch to CAMERA-TAPE. Press WIDE SELECT repeatedly to select the desired screen aspect ratio. 16:9* 4:3* * When viewing on the LCD screen. It may be different in the viewfinder. • Differences in the angle of view between 4:3 and 16:9 vary depending on the zoom position. • If you play back a picture on TV, set [TV TYPE] for playback in the aspect ratio of the TV (p. 39). • When viewing pictures recorded in 16:9 aspect ratio with [TV TYPE] set to [4:3], pictures may appear rough depending on the subject (p. 39). Recording a moving picture or still image on the “Memory Stick Duo” 1 Set the POWER switch to CAMERAMEMORY. The aspect ratio of the picture switches to 4:3. 2 Press WIDE SELECT to select the desired screen aspect ratio. • If you record movies (MPEG MOVIE EX) in the 16:9 (wide) mode, black bands appear at the top and bottom of the picture when they are played back. • For the number of recordable pictures, see page 52. • For DCR-HC44E/HC46E: Still images will be fixed to image size [0.7M] ( ) in the 16:9 (wide) mode. In the 4:3 mode, you can select up to [1.0M] ( ). • For DCR-HC94E/HC96E: Still images will be fixed to image size [2.3M] ( ) in the 16:9 (wide) mode. In the 4:3 mode, you can select up to [3.0M] ( ). Getting Started 23 24 Recording/Playback Easy Recording/Playback (Easy Handycam) With this Easy Handycam operation, most of the camera settings are automatically optimally adjusted, which frees you from detailed adjustments. The screen font size increases for easy viewing. 1 Slide the POWER switch E to turn on the CAMERA-TAPE lamp. 2 Press EASY A. appears on the screen B. 3 Press REC START/STOP F (or C) to start recording.*1 To stop recording, press F again. 1 Slide the POWER switch E to turn on the CAMERA-MEMORY lamp. 2 Press EASY A. appears on the screen B. 3 Press PHOTO D to record.*2 When disappears, the image has been recorded. B A C E D F DCR-HC36E/HC44E/HC46E: Remove the lens cap (p. 14). DCR-HC36E: DCR-HC94E/ HC96E DCR-HC36E/ HC44E/HC46E If the POWER switch is set to OFF (CHG), slide it while pressing the green button. Movies MENU 60min EASY REC The indicator changes [STBY] to [REC]. Still images (4:3) MENU 60min EASY 3.0M30 Flashing t Lit Press and hold lightly to adjust the focus. Press fully to record. *1 Movies are recorded in SP (Standard Play) mode on a cassette. *2 Still images are recorded in [FINE] quality on a “Memory Stick Duo.” Playing back movies/still images Slide the POWER switch E to turn on the PLAY/EDIT lamp. Touch the buttons on the screen B as follows. Movies Touch , then touch to start playback. AC B A Stop B Play/Pause toggles C Rewind/Fast forward Still images Touch t / to select a picture. MENU AB C A Tape playback B Previous/Next C Delete (p. 76) x To cancel Easy Handycam operation Press EASY A again. disappears from the screen. x Adjustable menu settings during Easy Handycam operation Touch [MENU] to display adjustable menu settings. See page 41 for details on settings. • Almost all the settings return to the default setting automatically (p. 42). • is not displayed during Easy Handycam operation. • Cancel Easy ...

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