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Instructions Speed Queen, Modèle VENDED ST075

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Owners today need the versatility to adapt quickly to fluctuations in operating expenses and customers' needs. Features that a few years ago were considered luxuries are now essential components to doing business. Speed Queen's cutting-edge Quantum™ System, gives owners the power to respond instantly to changes in order to maximize their store's profitability A Quantum™ Gold networked store is the ultimate in management ease, enabling owners to modify vend prices or cycles from the comfort of their own home or anywhere they have access to a computer Operations reports and machine data further assist with management and identifying any potential service problems. With Speed Queen's advanced network technology and efficient equipment in your store, you'll be assured you're ready to do business in the Quantum™ world. Quantum™ GO ID Quantum™ Gold keeps owners on top of their business with advanced functions such as special and time-of-day pricing. Operations reports are easily downloaded to PC or PDA. However, for the greatest ease, networking your Quantum™ Gold store enables you to make changes from your computer anywhere in the world ... that’s life in the Quantum™ World. Micro-Display (MDC) This control’s digital display can give your laundry a high-tech look Our MicroDisplay Control (MDC) shows vend price, while customers stay informed during operation with its digital cycle countdown. Like Quantum™ Gold,the MDC can interface with the store owner’s card manufacturer of choice. Classic Durability For more than 100 years, the Speed Queen name has been synonymous with quality construction.That reputation continues today All our commercial tumblers are built on heavy-duty frames and utilize extremely durable internal components. Our commitment to quality ensures your laundry receives years of service from Speed Queen products. Efficiency = Profitability The faster and more efficient your dryers are, the more more profitable your store will be. Speed Queen’s 50 and 75 lb dryers feature large cylinders and a design that emphasizes speed and efficiency These commercial dryers are perfect for drying oversized items such as quilts and your customers' largest loads. Fast Heating An Easy Open-and-Shut Case An extra-large stainless steel door and heavy-duty hinge ensure both can stand up to the repeated use of high-traffic vended laundries.The door also is reversible enabling owners to install it to open to the left or right, for greater customer satisfaction. Belt-drive Simplicity Speed Queen commercial dryers feature an all-belt drive system, which means they’re less noisy than others in the market. And because the units utilize self-adjusting belts, maintenance costs are reduced. The Hole Story Vended laundry owners know all too well that drywall screws, left behind in clothes, can cause extensive damage to the metal surrounding the cylinder Our patented cylinder design allows drywall screws to pass through oval perforations and saves store owners from the annoyances of reduced efficiency and expensive replacement parts. Our high-performance burners ignite instantly providing the desired temperature quickly and efficiently distributing even heat.This means reduced drying times and energy savings. Less Lint Clean- Up A fine mesh lint screen cleans itself automatically depositing lint into a large storage area for easy removal.The size of the compartment translates into emptying it once a day versus three times a day — saving time. Warranty Speed Queen’s commitment to customers comes with an industry-leading warranty which starts with a three-year* limited parts warranty. To us, building the best machines on the market doesn’t mean much if we’re not willing to also take the lead in standing behind them. As a Speed Queen customer, you’ll never have to worry about our bond. * Parts only, lab...

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