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Instructions Bosch, Modèle B25L

Fabricant : Bosch
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To restore normal operation the appliance will have to be taken to an authorised Technical Service Centre. • Never aim the steam at people or animals. • The appliance must be used and placed on a stable surface, when placed on its support, make sure that the surface on which the support stands is stable. • Do not use the iron if it has been dropped, shows visible signs of damage or if it is leaking water. It will have to be checked by an authorised technical service centre before it can be used again. • Do not allow the cord to come into contact with the soleplate when it is hot. • Be aware that the system can keep on steaming a short additional time after releasing the steam trigger. This is a normal function. Description 1. Removable water tank 2. Removable iron pad 3. Variable steam control 4. Illuminated Start/Stop button for steam generator 5. Steam hose 6. Illuminated main power On/Off button 7. "Steam ready" pilot light 11 en 8. "Water empty" pilot light 9. Housing with internal steam generator 10. Mains plug 11. Mains cable with storage facility 12. Cord clip 13. Temperature dial 14. Iron pilot light 15. Steam release button 16. Soleplate 17. Steam gun 18. Steam release button 19. Steam concentrator 20. Brush extension 21. Diffuser extension 22. Accessorie box 23. Protection cap 24. Slot position for connection Preparations (A) 1. Remove any label or protective covering from the soleplate. 2. Place the appliance horizontally on a solid, stable surface. You may remove the iron pad from the appliance and place the iron on it on another solid, stable, horizontal surface. 3. Remove the detachable water tank and fill it, making sure not to pass the level mark. 4. Fit the water tank back onto the steam tank. 5. Unwind the mains cable fully and plug it into an earthed socket. 6. Set the boiler «Start/Stop» button (4) and main power «On/Off» button (6) switches to the «Start/On» position. 7. The green «steam ready» indicator lamp (7) will light up after approximately 5 minutes, indicating that the appliance is ready to use. 8. This appliance has a built-in water level sensor. The red «refill water tank» indicator (8) will light when the water tank is empty. Important: • Normal tap water can be used. To prolong the optimum steam function, mix tap water with distilled water 1:1. If the tap water in your district is very hard, mix tap water with distilled water 1:2. You can inquire about the water hardness with your local water supplier. • The water tank can be filled at any time while using the appliance. • To avoid damage and/or contamination of the water tank, do not put perfume, vinegar, starch, descaling agents, additives or any other type of chemical product into the water tank. • The iron pad (2) can be placed into the specially designed recess on the appliance or somewhere suitable alongside the ironing area. Never rest the iron on the appliance without the iron pad!. • During it first use the iron may produce certain vapours and odours, along with white particles on the soleplate, this is normal and it will stop after a few minutes • While the steam release button is pressed, the water tank may produce a pumping sound, this is normal, indicating that water is being pumped to the steam tank. Setting the temperature 1. Check the ironing instruction label on the garment to determine the correct ironing temperature. 2. Select the temperature (13) «•» Synthetics «••» Silk - Wool «•••» Cotton - Linen 3. The indicator lamp (14) will remain lit while the iron is heating and go out as soon as the iron has reached the selected temperature. Tips: • Sort your garments out based on their cleaning symbol labels, always starting with clothes that have to be ironed at the lowest temperatures. • If you are not sure what the garment is made of then begin ironing at a low temperature and decide on the correct temperature by ironing a small section not usually seen when worn Ironing with steam (B) 1. Make sure that there is enough water in the water tank 2. Turn the temperature selector to the steam position, between «••» and «max». 3. Set the amount of steam to suit your needs, using the variable steam control (3) 12 en 4. Press the steam release button to release steam (15) Important: • The steam hose may get hot if you are ironing for long periods. Ironing without steam 1. Begin ironing but without pressing the steam release button (15). Vertical steam (C) 1. Set the temperature control to the «•••» or «max» position. 2. You can steam iron curtains and hanging garments (jackets, suits, coats... ) by placing the iron in a vertical position and pressing the steam release button (15). Stain remover steam gun Preparation: (only for TDS2540, TDS2545) Ensure that the appliance is not connected to the mains. Remove connection plug for the iron (5) if this is connected. Then lift the cover (23) and insert the connection plug for the steam gun in the ...

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