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Instructions Fitness Quest, Modèle NBP01075-2

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Position the Front Handlebar in place on the Handlebar Tube with the bolt hole at the bottom. Replace the Bolts, Washers, Nuts and Nut Caps you just removed and tighten with the Wrench provided. STEP 7 – Computer Assembly a) Remove the four Phillips Bolts from the back of the Computer. b) Snap together Connectors for Computer, tucking the Wires inside the Handlebar Tube. Be careful not to pinch wires. The Book Holder can be attached to the Computer at any time. c) Attach the Computer using the four Bolts removed in (a). Tighten with the Screwdriver provided. d) Remove Battery Door on the back of the Computer. Insert four “C” Batteries (included) in numbered order and replace Battery Door. computer book holder connectors handlebar tube Front View heart rate receiver 7b 4 1 3 2 four "C" batteries back of computer handlebar tube battery door Back View 7c 7d handlebar tube water bottle holder remove and re-insert screw remove and re-insert screw front of unit main frame assembly front handlebar 8 front of unit 9STEP 9 – AC Adapter Insert AC Adapter into front of unit, then plug into wall. STEP 8 – Water Bottle Holder Remove Phillips Screws from Handlebar Tube. Line up Water Bottle Holder and attach to the Handlebar Tube by re-inserting Phillips Screws and tightening them with the Screwdriver provided. Assembly is now complete. IMPORTANT: Please read pages 9-10 before beginning your workout for important instructions on how to use your New Balance 7.5r Recumbent Bike. 8 GETTING STARTED Once your New Balance 7.5r Recumbent Bike is assembled, make sure that your workout space has a solid, level surface with plenty of space around it. We recommend placing a mat under your unit to protect your flooring. Correct Workout Position When exercising, keep your back straight and your head in a neutral position to minimize neck and upper back strain. When pedaling do not lock out your knees, at the bottom of the pedaling motion there should be a slight bend in the knee. Always try to pedal the bike with a smooth and rhythmic motion. USING YOUR NEW BALANCE 7.5r RECUMBENT BIKE WARNING RISK OF ELECTRICAL SHOCK. THIS UNIT IS TO BE USED ONLY INDOORS AND IN A DRY LOCATION. The New Balance 7.5r, provides a completely smooth and natural feeling, that minimizes the impact on your hips, knees and ankles while providing a superior aerobic and muscle toning workout. The durable steel frame and transport wheels make the unit mobile and easy to use. IMPORTANT: • This unit is not recommended for children. • Always make sure that you feel balanced and secure. • Always use your machine on a clean, solid and level surface. DUAL SIDED PEDAL Top Side of Pedal Bottom Side of Pedal The New Balance 7.5r has a dual side pedal. The top pedal is to be used with shoes and the bottom smooth side of the pedal is meant to be used with a bare or sock covered foot. To use the bottom side of the pedal gently nest the balls of your feet into the pedal contour.You may have to try sliding your foot forward and backward before you feel it nest into the pedal. Once your foot is comfortably aligned with the pedal contour, tighten the strap so it is firmly around the foot. USING THE PULSE FUNCTION ON THE HANDLEBARS The Pulse window on your computer works in conjunction with the pulse sensors found on the Rear Handlebars. When you are ready to read your pulse: 1) Place both hands firmly on the pulse sensors. For the most accurate reading, it is important to use both hands. 2) Look at your pulse window. The small heart will begin to blink. 3) Your estimated heart rate will appear in the window approximately 6 seconds after you grasp the pulse sensors. 4) Refer to the Target Heart Rate Zone Chart found on page 17 of this manual. For additional information about the importance of working within certain heart rate ranges, see pages 15 and 16 – Measuring Your Heart Rate. 5) This estimate is not exact and persons with medical conditions and/or a specific need for accurate heart rate monitoring should not rely on the estimations provided. pulse sensors rear handlebar OPERATING THE COMPUTER WARNING Do not plug AC Adapter into wall until computer is completely assembled. OPERATING THE COMPUTER WARNING Do not plug AC Adapter into wall until computer is completely assembled. WARNING The batteries must be installed as instructed on page 8. Do not carry batteries loosely, such as in a purse or pocket. The batteries may explode or leak and cause injury if installed improperly, misused, disposed of in a fire or recharged. Introduction Your unit is equipped with a programmable computer to help you track your progress and motivate you to reach your fitness goals. This computer provides different programs designed to tailor to your fitness goals. Simply choose the program you like,set the time limit and begin exercising.Your monitor will then show your approximate pulse, approximate calories burned, elapsed time, speed and distance traveled. Functions and Features QUICK START BUTTO...

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