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Instructions Dynamat, Modèle DynilLit 50100

Fabricant : Dynamat
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Dynil works to prevent unwanted noise transfer outside the room while creating an optimal acoustic environment in the room. Dynil makes any room quieter and is ideal for the home theater, home office, nursery, exercise room, study, laundry room, and bedroom. Use Dynil throughout your home for "Better Sound" and "Quieter Living'! Resilient Channel Construction Ceilings Standard Construction Dynil Sound Barrier Part No. 50100 (1 roll 54" x 25' DYNAMIC CONTROL Hamilton, Ohio 45015 . 513-860-5094 Bettel* SoVUld, | mm Mlll0ai » m 9 Part No. 2038 The names Dynamat and Dynil are trademarks of Dynamic Control of North America ©2005. All Rights Reserved. Quieter Living Specifications Dynil Sound Barrier Appearance: Black Flexivinyl Barrier Color: Charcoal Gray STC: 28 Mass: 1lb per square foot Thickness: 0.09 inches Temperature Range (Resistance): 40 °F to +220 °F (-40 °C to +105 °C ) Standards: Meets UL94-V0 Chemical Resistance: Resistant to water and mineral oils « i « ;1 T / i i .▼/#// j i / I Installation Dynil Barrier is designed to be installed during the construction or remodeling of your home. Wall Installation: Measure the height of your studs. Cut Dynil to this length. On standard wall construction, attach the 54" wide material across four studs (48" across) allowing the material to drape between the studs. (See illustration on opposite side) On staggered wall construction, weave Dynil in and out between the studs. (See illustation on opposite side) Fasten to studs with standard staple gun. Attach drywall according to manufacturer's instructions. Floor Installation: Measure length of room perpendicular to joists. Cut Dynil to this length. Apply before underlayment installation. The maximum roll length is 25 ft. For floors longer than 25 ft, overlap the material 2". Position the 54" wide material across 48" of floor joists and fasten with standard staple gun. (See illustration on opposite side) Attach sub-floor according to manufacturer's instructions. Ceiling Installation: Measure the length of ceiling along the rafters. For regular ceilings, cut Dynil slightly larger than the spacing between rafters. Attach Dynil with a standard staple gun between rafters so that it sags 2" from the mounting points. Finish drywall ceiling according to manufacturer's instructions. (See illustration on opposite side) For resilient channel or drop ceilings, attach Dynil across the rafters with a standard staple gun so that is sags 0.5" from the mounting points. Finish drywall or install drop panels according to manufacturer's instructions. (See illustration on opposite side.)...

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