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Instructions Sony, Modèle KDL-52NX803

Fabricant : Sony
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Facilité d'utilisation

Do not put stress on the LCD panel and the frame around the screen. • When lifting or moving the TV set, hold it firmly from the bottom. • When transporting the TV set, do not subject it to jolts or excessive vibration. • When transporting the TV set for repairs or when moving, pack it using the original carton and packing material. Ventilation • Never cover the ventilation holes or insert anything in the cabinet. • Leave space around the TV set as shown below. • It is strongly recommended that you use a Sony wall-mount bracket in order to provide adequate air-circulation. Installed on the wall 30 cm 10 cm 10 cm 10 cm Leave at least this space around the set. Installed with stand 30 cm 10 cm 10 cm 6 cm Leave at least this space around the set. • To ensure proper ventilation and prevent the collection of dirt or dust: – Do not lay the TV set flat, install upside down, backwards, or sideways. – Do not place the TV set on a shelf, rug, bed or in a closet. – Do not cover the TV set with a cloth, such as curtains, or items such as newspapers, etc. – Do not install the TV set as shown below. Air circulation is blocked. Wall Wall Mains lead Handle the mains lead and socket as follows in order to avoid any risk of fire, electrical shock or damage and/or injuries: – Use only mains leads supplied by Sony, not other suppliers. – Insert the plug fully into the mains socket. – Operate the TV set on a 220-240 V AC supply only. – When wiring cables, be sure to unplug the mains lead for your safety and take care not to catch your feet on the cables. – Disconnect the mains lead from the mains socket before working on or moving the TV set. – Keep the mains lead away from heat sources. – Unplug the mains plug and clean it regularly. If the plug is covered with dust and it picks up moisture, its insulation may deteriorate, which could result in a fire. Notes • Do not use the supplied mains lead on any other equipment. • Do not pinch, bend, or twist the mains lead excessively. The core conductors may be exposed or broken. • Do not modify the mains lead. • Do not put anything heavy on the mains lead. • Do not pull on the mains lead itself when disconnecting the mains lead. • Do not connect too many appliances to the same mains socket. • Do not use a poor fitting mains socket. Prohibited Usage Do not install/use the TV set in locations, environments or situations such as those listed below, or the TV set may malfunction and cause a fire, electrical shock, damage and/or injuries. Location: Outdoors (in direct sunlight), at the seashore, on a ship or other vessel, inside a vehicle, in medical institutions, unstable locations, near water, rain, moisture or smoke. Environment: Places that are hot, humid, or excessively dusty; where insects may enter; where it might be exposed to mechanical vibration, near flammable objects (candles, etc). The TV set shall not be exposed to dripping or splashing and no objects filled with liquids, such as vases, shall be placed on the TV. Situation: Do not use when your hands are wet, with the cabinet removed, or with attachments not recommended by the manufacturer. Disconnect the TV set from mains socket and aerial during lightning storms. Broken pieces: • Do not throw anything at the TV set. The screen glass may break by the impact and cause serious injury. • If the surface of the TV set cracks, do not touch it until you have unplugged the mains lead. Otherwise electric shock may result. When not in use • If you will not be using the TV set for several days, the TV set should be disconnected from the mains for environmental and safety reasons. • As the TV set is not disconnected from the mains when the TV set is just turned off, pull the plug from the mains to disconnect the TV set completely. • However, some TV sets may have features that require the TV set to be left in standby to work correctly. (Continued) 15 GB Additional Information For children • Do not allow children to climb on the TV set. • Keep small accessories out of the reach of children, so that they are not mistakenly swallowed. If the following problems occur... Turn off the TV set and unplug the mains lead immediately if any of the following problems occur. Ask your dealer or Sony service centre to have it checked by qualified service personnel. When: – Mains lead is damaged. – Poor fitting of mains socket. – TV set is damaged by being dropped, hit or having something thrown at it. – Any liquid or solid object falls through openings in the cabinet. Warning To prevent the spread of fire, keep candles or other open flames away from this product at all time. Precautions Viewing the TV • View the TV in moderate light, as viewing the TV in poor light or during long period of time, strains your eyes. • When using headphones, adjust the volume so as to avoid excessive levels, as hearing damage may result. LCD Screen • Although the LCD screen is made with high-precision technology and 99.99% or more of the pixels are effective, black dots ...

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