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Instructions Sony, Modèle KV-29CL11B

Fabricant : Sony
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qj 4 3 Selecting channels: Press to select channels. For double-digit qh 5 programme numbers, enter the second digit within 2.5 seconds, or press qf qg 6 7 -/-- and then the first and second digit. If you enter an incorrect first digit, this should be corrected by entering another digit (0-9) and then 8 selecting the -/-- button again to enter the programme number of your choice. qd 9 4 Back to the channel last watched: Press to watch the last channel selected (watched for at least 5 seconds). qs 0 5 6 This button only works in Teletext mode. This button only works in Teletext mode. 7 Selecting Teletext: Press to switch on teletext. 8 Menu selection • When MENU is switched on: Scroll Down. qa Scroll Up. Previous menu or selection. Next menu or OK confirms your selection. • When MENU is switched off: OK shows a channel overview. Press or to select the channel, then press the OK button to watch the selected channel. 9 Selecting Screen format: Press repeatedly to change the format of the screen. For more details, refer to the chapter “Auto Format” on page 15. For KV-29CL11B model : Press to view programmes in 16:9 mode. Press again to return to 4:3 mode. 0 Selecting channels: Press to select the next or previous channel. qa Muting the Sound: Press to mute the TV sound. Press again to restore the sound. qs Adjusting TV volume: Press to adjust the volume of the TV. qd Displaying the menu system: Press to display the menu on the TV screen. Press again to remove the menu display from the TV screen. qf Selecting TV mode: Press to switch off teletext or video input. qg Selecting sound mode: Press repeatedly to change the sound mode. qh Selecting picture mode: Press repeatedly to change the picture mode. qj Displaying on Screen information: Press to display all the on-screen indications. Press again to cancel. GB Overview 5 Overview of the TV buttons On/Off switch Standby indicator Push up the flap on the front of the TV to reveal the front control panel. Programme Up or Down Buttons Selecting Auto Start (selects TV Input source Up Button channels) Video Audio Input Headphones Volume control Input jack jacks jack buttons Overview Connecting the aerial and VCR OUT IN VCR or Scart lead is optional. For more details on VCR connection, please refer to the section “Connecting Optional Equipment” of this instruction manual on page 18. Note: Connecting cables are not supplied. Inserting batteries into the remote control Please ensure you insert the supplied batteries using the correct polarities. Always remember to dispose of used batteries in an environmentally friendly way. GB SONYCORPORATONAPAN OCRPOAOAN Installation 7 Switching On the TV and Automatically Tuning The first time you switch on your TV, a sequence of menu screens appear on the TV enabling you to: 1) choose the language of the menu screen, 2) choose the country in which you wish to operate the TV, 3) adjust the picture slant, 4) search and store all available channels (TV broadcasts) and 5) change the order in which the channels (TV broadcasts) appear on the screen. However, if you need to change any of these settings at a later date, you can do that by selecting the appropriate option in the (Set Up menu) or by pressing the Auto Start Up Button on the TV set. 1 Connect the TV plug to the mains socket (220-240V AC, 50Hz). Press the on/off button on the TV set to turn on the TV. The first time you press this button, a Language menu displays automatically on the TV screen. 2 Press the or button on the remote control to select the language, then press the OK button to confirm your selection. From now on all the menus appear in the selected language. 3 The Country menu appears automatically on the TV screen. Press the or button to select the country in which you will operate the TV set, then press the OK button to confirm your selection. • If the country in which you want to use the TV set does not appear in the list, select “-” instead of a country. • To avoid wrong teletext characters for cyrillic languages we recommend selecting ‘Russia’ if your own country does not appear in the list. If picture slants, please adjust picture rotation Not necessary Adjust now OK 4 Because of the earth’s magnetism, the picture might slant. The Picture Rotation menu allows you to correct the picture slants if it is necessary. a) If it is not necessary, press or to select Not necessary and press OK. b) If it is necessary, press or to select Adjust now, then press OK and correct any slant of the picture between –5 and +5 by pressing or . Finally press OK to store. First Time Operation Do you want to start automatic tuning? Yes No 5 The Auto Tuning menu appears on the screen. Press the OK button to select Yes. OK Programme: System: Channel: Auto Tuning 01 B/G C21 Searching... 6 The TV starts to automatically search and store all available broadcast channels for you. This procedure could take some minutes. Please be patient and do not press any buttons, otherwise the automatic tuni...

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