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Instructions LG, Modèle 32LD350

Fabricant : LG
Taille : 4.61 mb
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Facilité d'utilisation

• Press the MENU/EXIT button to return to normal TV viewing. • Press the BACK button to move to the previous menu screen. Connecting to Home Theater with the SIMPLINK logo. Connect the HDMI/DVI IN 1, HDMI IN 2 1 (Except for 19/22LD3***), HDMI IN 3 (Except for 19/22/26/32LD3***, 32/37/42/47LD4***, 19/22LE3***, 22LE5***) or HDMI IN 4 (Only 32LE3***, 32/42/47LE4***, 32/37/42/47/55LE5***) terminal on the back of the TV and the HDMI output terminal of the Home Theater using HDMI cables. Connect the Digital Audio output terminal on 2 the back of the TV and the Digital Audio input terminal of the Home Theater using optical cables. Select Home Theater in the Speaker menu by 3 pushing the SIMPLINK button. 1 2 Home Theater > When you select or operate a media device with home theater function, the speaker automatically switches to home theater speaker (HT speaker). WATCHING TV / PROGRAMME NOTE >Connect the HDMI/DVI IN or HDMI IN terminal of the TV to the terminal (HDMI terminal) of the SIMPLINK device with the HDMI cable. >When you switch the Input source using the INPUT button on the remote control, you can stop the operation of a device controlled by SIMPLINK. WATCHING TV / PROGRAMME CONTROL SIMPLINK Functions Disc playback Control connected AV devices by pressing the , OK, >, -, l l, << and >> buttons. Direct Play After connecting AV devices to the TV, you can directly control the devices and play media without additional settings. Select AV device Enables you to select one of the AV devices connected to the TV and operate it. Power off all devices When you switch off the TV, all connected devices are turned off. Switch audio-out Offers an easy way to switch audio-out. Sync Power on When the equipment with Simplink function connected HDMI terminal starts to play, The TV will change automatically to turn on mode. * A device, which is connected to the TV through an HDMI cable but does not support SIMPLINK, does not provide this function. Note: To operate SIMPLINK, an High Speed HDMI Cable with *CEC function should be used. (*CEC: Consumer Electronics Control). WATCHING TV / PROGRAMME CONTROL SIMPLINK Menu Press the button and then OK button to select the desired SIMPLINK source. 1 2 TV viewing : Switch to the previous TV programme regardless of the current mode. DISC playback : Select and play connected discs. When multiple discs are available, the device type of discs are conveniently displayed at the bottom of the screen. 3 4 5 VCR playback : Play and control the connected VCR. HDD Recordings playback : Play and control recordings stored in HDD. Audio Out to Home theater/Audio Out to TV: Select Home theater or TV speaker for Audio Out. • Home theater: Only one supported at a time < On > Watch TV DISC VCR Speaker TV Speaker HDD Recorder <> OK Exit 1 2 3 4 5 Selected Device When a device is connected (displayed inbright colour) When device is not connected (displayed ingray) • DVD, Recorder: Up to one(Only 19/22LD3***), two(Only 26/32LD3***, 32/37/42/47LD4***, 19/22LE3***, 22LE5***), three(Only 32/42/46/52/60LD5***, 26LE3***, 26LE5***), four(Only 32LE3***, 32/37/42LE4***, 32/37/42/47/55LE5***) supported at a time. • VCR: Only one supported at a time WATCHING TV / PROGRAMME WATCHING TV / PROGRAMME CONTROL AV MODE You can select the optimal images and sounds when connecting AV devices to external input. Off Disables the AV MODE. Cinema Optimizes video and audio for watching movies. Sport Optimizes video and audio for watching sports events. Game Optimizes video and audio for playing games. Off Cinema WATCHING TV / PROGRAMME CONTROL Game Sport 1AV MODE 2 Press the AV MODE button repeatedly to select the desired source. • If you select Cinema in AV mode, Cinema will be selected both for Picture Mode and Sound Mode in PICTURE menu and AUDIO menu respectively. • If you select “Off” in AV mode, the picture and image which you initially set will be selected. • When playing a video game using PlayStation or Xbox, it is recommended to use the Game mode. • When in Game mode, functions related to picture quality will be optimized for playing games. INITIALIZING(RESET TO ORIGINAL FACTORY SETTINGS) This function initializes all settings. But the settings of Day and Night of the Picture Mode cannot be initialized. It is useful to initialize the product or when you move to other city or country. When the Factory Reset is completed, you must restart the Initializing setup. When the Lock System menu is "On", the message to enter the password appears. WATCHING TV / PROGRAMME OKMove .Language(Language) .Country : UK .Disability Assistance .Power Indicator .Set ID : 1 .Mode Setting : Home Use OPTION .Factory Reset > > OKMove .Language(Language) .Country : UK .Disability Assistance .Power Indicator .Set ID .Mode Setting OPTION .Factory Reset Yes No All user settings and channel settings will be reset. Still Continue? 1 2 3 4 Start Factory Reset. Select OPTION. Select Factory Reset. Select Yes. • In Lock System "On", if you forget your pa...

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