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Instructions LG, Modèle 32LD335

Fabricant : LG
Taille : 4.74 mb
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Facilité d'utilisation

Turn the programme number to yellow. Release. • It can be registered as Lock programme even when Lock System is turned Off. ¦ Selecting favourite programme Favourite programmes is a convenient feature that lets you quickly scan up to programmes of your choice without having to wait for the TV to scan through all the in-between programmes. 3 2 1 Select your desired programme. Add corresponding programme to Favourite list of current Favourite group. Release. ¦ Selecting favourite programme group 1 2 Select your desired programme. Display a pop-up window where Favourite group can be changed. Select a Favourite group. WATCHING TV / PROGRAMME WATCHING TV / PROGRAMME CONTROL CI [COMMON INTERFACE] INFORMATION This function enables you to watch some encrypted services (pay services). If you remove the CI Module, you cannot watch pay services. When the module is inserted into the CI slot, you can access the module menu. To purchase a module and smart card, contact your dealer. Do not repeatedly insert or remove a CI module from the TV. This may cause a malfunction. When the TV is turned on after inserting a CI Module, you may not have any sound output. This may be incompatible with the CI module and smart card. CI (Common Interface) functions may not be possible depending upon the country broadcasting circumstances. When using a CAM(Conditional Access Module), please make sure it meets fully the requirements of either DVB-CI or CI plus. WATCHING TV / PROGRAMME CONTROL OKMove .Auto Tuning .Manual Tuning .Programme Edit SETUP .CI Information > Viaccess Module Select the item Consultations Authorizations Module information i • This OSD is only for illustration and the menuoptions and screen format will vary according tothe Digital pay services provider. • It is possible for you to change CI (CommonInterface) menu screen and service by consulting your dealer. 1 2 3 4 Save. Select SETUP. Select CI Information. Select the desired item: Module information, smart card information, language, or software download etc. • Press the BACK/EXIT button to move to the previous menu screen. SOFTWARE UPDATE Software Update means software can be downloaded through the digital terrestrial broadcasting system. Press OK( ) to set programme settings. SETUP PICTURE LOCK OPTION AUDIO INPUT TIME MY MEDIA ExitCustomer Support Simple Manual Picture Test Sound Test Signal Test Product/Service Info. Software Update Close Software Update Close . Current Version 00.00.01 < On > WATCHING TV / PROGRAMME 1 2 Select Software Update. 3 4 Save. RED Select Customer Support. Select On or Off. • If you select On, a user confirm message box will be displayed to notify that new software is found. • Press the MENU/EXIT button to return to normal TV viewing. • Press the BACK button to move to the previous menu screen. WATCHING TV / PROGRAMME CONTROL ¦ When setting “Software Update” Occasionally, a transmission of updated digital software information will result in the following menu on the TV screen. Yes No Software update is available. Would you like to download now? ? Simple Update : for current update stream Download starts when "Yes" is selected. At this time, progressing pop-up window does not display. Download progress status can be checked from Software Update menu. Schedule Update : for scheduled update stream Yes No A new software update is available at 00/00/0 00:00. Do you want to update the software when available? ? Software Update Close Software downloading progress. Ver. 00.00.01 > Ver.00.00.00 < On > 4% A window as display below appears when download completes. TV is restarted when "Yes" is selected. Yes No New software version is ready. If you want to install now, TV will be turned off and restart. Continue? WATCHING TV / PROGRAMME CONTROL When the Software Update menu is "Off", the message to change it to "On" appears. -During Progress of a Software Update, please note the following: • Power to the TV must not be interrupted. • The antenna must not be disconnected. • After Software Update, you can confirm the updated software version in Software Update menu. • It may take hours to download the software, so make sure that the power stays on during the download. • The software is downloaded only in Standby mode or in MUX with Software Update Service, and stops when the power cord is unplugged or when viewing MUX without Software Update Service. • When you return to Standby mode or MUX with Software Update Service, the software download will resume from where it stopped. PICTURE/SOUND TEST This function is a customer support function that can execute picture and sound tests. SETUP PICTURE AUDIO TIME LOCK OPTION INPUT MY MEDIA Press OK( ) to set programme settings. ExitCustomer Support Simple Manual Software Update Sound Test Signal Test Product/Service Info. Picture Test Close Do you have a problem in this test screen? ? Yes No 1 2 3 RED WATCHING TV / PROGRAMME Select Customer Support. Select Picture Test or Sound Test. Select Yes or No. • Press ...

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