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Instructions LG, Modèle 26LV5510

Fabricant : LG
Taille : 11.26 mb
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Facilité d'utilisation

OK Save Timer Record/Remind. < > Select Type, Start Time, End Time or Programme. Select Remind or Record function setting. 8 Day Guide Mode Button Description Red button Change EPG mode. Green button Enter Date setting mode. Yellow button Enter Manual Timer mode. Blue button Enter Schedule List mode. OK When ‘Currently broadcasting programme is selected, it is moved to selected programme and EPG disappears When ‘Future broadcasting programme is selected, a reservation pop-up window appears. < > Select Programme. Select the Broadcast Programme. P Page Up/Down. GUIDE Switch off EPG. BACK EXIT TV/RAD Select DTV or RADIO Programme. INFO Detail information on or off. or Remind Setting Mode (Only LCD TV/LED LCD TV) Button Description BACK Switch off Manual Timer mode. OK Appear Repeat Option popup. Navigation button Select the date to schedule. Yellow button Change to Guide mode. Blue button Change to Schedule List mode. Date Change Mode Button Description Green button Switch off Date setting mode. . BACK OK Change to the selected date. < > Select a date. GUIDE Switch off EPG. EXIT Schedule List Mode If you’ve created a schedule list, a scheduled programme is displayed at the scheduled time even when you are watching a different programme at the time. Button Description Yellow button Change to Manual Timer mode. Blue button Change to Guide mode. GUIDE OK Select your desired Option (Modify/ Delete/Delete All). Select programme. P Page Up/Down. BACK Switch off Schedule List. - 16:9: Resizes images to fit the screen width. - Just Scan: Displays video images in the original size without removing parts at the edge of the image. Just Scan Using additional options Adjusting aspect ratio Resize an image to view at its optimal size by pressing RATIO while you are watching TV. NOTE yyIf you select Just Scan, you may see image noises at the edge of the original signal. NOTE yyYou can also change the image size by pressing Q. MENU or accessing Aspect Ratio in the Picture menus. yyFor Zoom Setting, select 14:9, Zoom and Cinema Zoom in Ratio Menu. After completing Zoom Setting, the display goes back to Q.Menu. yyYou can only select 4:3, 16:9 (Wide), 14:9, Zoom/Cinema Zoom in Component mode. yyYou can only select 4:3, Original, 16:9 (Wide), 14:9, Zoom/Cinema Zoom in HDMI mode. yyYou can only select 4:3, 16:9 (Wide) in RGB-PC, HDMI-PC mode only. yyIn DTV/HDMI/Component (over 720p) mode, Just Scan is available. yyIn Analogue/DTV/AV/Scart mode, Full Wide is available. - Original: When your TV receives a wide screen signal it will automatically change to the picture format broadcasted. Original - Zoom: Enlarges an image to fit the screen width. The top and bottom of the image may not appear. - Full Wide: When TV receives the wide screen signal, it will let you adjust the picture horizontally or vertically, in a linear proportion,to fill the entire screen fully. 4:3 and 14:9 video is supported in full screen without any video distortion through DTV input. NOTE Full Wide yyIf you access, Aspect Ratio in the quick menus, - Press the Navigation buttons to stretch an image vertically. - Press the Navigation buttons to move the zoom focus up or down. - 4:3: Resizes images to the previous standard 4:3. - Cinema Zoom: Enlarges an image in the cinemascope ratio, 2.35:1. yyTo change the ratio of the cinema zoom, press the Navigation buttons and its range is from 1 to 16. yyTo move the zoom focus up or down, press the Navigation buttons. - 14:9 : You can view a picture format of 14:9 or a general TV programme in the 14:9 mode. The 14:9 screen is viewed in the same way as in 4:3, but is moved to the up and down. NOTE yyIf you enlarge or reduce an image, the image may be distorted. Using the input list Selecting an input source 1 Press INPUT to access the input sources. - The connected device displays on each input source. Changing AV modes Each AV mode has the optimized image and sound settings. Press AV MODE repeatedly to select an appropriate mode. NOTE Mode Description Off Changes to the previously customized settings Cinema or Cinema Use the optimized image and sound settings for the cinematic look Sport Use the optimized image and sound setting for dynamic action sports Game Use the optimized image and sound settings for fast gaming When playing a video game using PlayStation or Xbox, it is recommended to use the Game mode. When in Game mode, functions related to picture quality will be optimized for playing games. yyYou can also access the input source list by selecting INPUT in the main menus. 2 Press Navigation buttons to scroll to one of the input sources and press OK. yyImage shown may differ from your TV. Input List Move OK AV1 Component AV3 Antenna USB AV2 HDMI1 HDMI3 HDMI2 RGB Exit Input Label SIMPLINK NOTE yyIf you select Off in AV mode, the picture and image which you initially set will be selected. Input source Description Antenna or Cable Select it when watching the DTV/RADIO/ TV. USB Select it when using USB depends on connec...

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