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Instructions Samsung, Modèle UE46C6200RS

Fabricant : Samsung
Taille : 20.25 mb
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Facilité d'utilisation

• In PC mode, you can only make changes to Backlight,Contrast and Brightness. • Settings can be adjusted and stored for each external device connected to the TV. ¦ Economical Solutions Eco Solution ¦ Energy Saving (Off/Low/Medium/High/ PictureOff/Auto) t: Adjust the brightness of the TV in order to reduce power consumption. If you select Picture Off, the screen is turned off, but the sound remains on. Press any button except volume button to turn on the screen. ¦ Eco Sensor (Off/On): To enhance your power savings; the picture settings will automatically adapt to the light in the room. . If you adjust the Backlight, the EcoSensorwill be set to Off. Min Backlight: When Eco sensor is On, the minimum screen brightness can be adjusted manually. . If EcoSensoris On, the display brightness may change (become slightly darker or brighter) depending on the surrounding light intensity. ¦ No-Signal PowerOff(Off/15min/30min/60min): To avoid unnecessary energy consumption, set how long you want the TV to remain on if it’s not receiving a signal. . Disabled when the PC is in power saving mode. 03 Basic Features English 17 Basic Features ¦ Changing the Picture Options Advanced Settings (available in Standard/Movie mode) You can adjust the detailed setting for the screen including colour and contrast. . In PC mode, you can only make changes to DynamicContrast,Gamma,WhiteBalance and LEDMotionPlus. Advanced Settings Black Tone : Off > Dynamic Contrast : Medium Shadow Detail : -2 Gamma : 0 Expert Pattern : Off RGB Only Mode : Off Colour Space : Native Ў U Move E Enter R Return ¦ BlackTone (Off/Dark/Darker/Darkest): Select the black level to adjust the screen depth. ¦ Dynamic Contrast (Off/Low/Medium/High): Adjust the screen contrast. ¦ Shadow Detail (-2~+2): Increase the brightness of dark images. ¦ Gamma: Adjust the primary colour intensity. ¦ Expert Pattern (Off/Pattern1/Pattern2): By running the Expert Pattern function, the picture can be calibrated without a generator or filter. If the OSD menu disappears or a menu other than the Picture menu is opened, the calibration is saved and the Expert Pattern window disappears. . While the ExpertPatternis running, sound is not outputted. . Only enabled in DTV, Component and HDMI modes. ¦ RGBOnly Mode(Off/Red/Green/Blue): You can adjust Colour or Tint (G/R) of Red, Green or Blue for the picture from an external device (DVD player, home theatre, etc.). ¦ Colour Space (Auto/Native/Custom): Adjust the range of colours available to create the image. To adjust Colour, Red, Green, Blue and Reset, set Colour Space to Custom. ¦ White Balance: Adjust the colour temperature for a more natural picture. R-Offset/G-Offset/B-Offset: Adjust each colour’s (red, green, blue) darkness. R-Gain/G-Gain/B-Gain : Adjust each colour’s (red, green, blue) brightness. Reset: Resets the White Balance to it’s default settings. ¦ 10p White Balance (Off/On): Controls the white balance in 10 point interval by adjusting the red, green, and blue brightness. . Available when the picture mode is set to Movie and when the external input is set to all input. . Some external devices may not support this function. Interval: Select interval to adjust. Red: Adjust the red level. Green: Adjust the green level. Blue: Adjust the blue level. Reset: Resets the 10p White Balance to its default settings. ¦ FleshTone: Emphasize pink “Flesh Tone.” ¦ Edge Enhancement (Off/On): Emphasize object boundaries. ¦ xvYCC (Off/On): Setting the xvYCC mode on increases detail and colour space when watching movies from an external device (e.g. DVD player) connected to the HDMI or Component IN jacks. . Available when the picture mode is set to Movie and when the external input is set to HDMI or Component. . Some external devices may not support this function. ¦ LED Motion Plus (Off/On): Removes drag from fast scenes with a lot of movement to provide a clear picture. 18 English Picture Options . In PC mode, you can only make changes to the ColourTone,Sizeand AutoProtectionTime. Picture Options Colour Tone : Normal > Size : Auto Wide Screen Mode : 16:9 Digital Noise Filter : Auto MPEG Noise Filter : Auto HDMI Black Level : Normal Film Mode : Off Ў U Move E Enter R Return ¦ ColourTone (Cool/Normal/Warm1/Warm2) . Warm1 or Warm2will be deactivated when the picture mode is Dynamic. . Settings can be adjusted and stored for each external device connected to an input on the TV. ¦ Size: Your cable box/satellite receiver may have its own set of screen sizes as well. However, we highly recommend you use 16:9 mode most of the time. Auto Wide: Automatically adjusts the picture size to the 16:9 aspect ratio. P.SIZE 16:9 : Adjusts the picture size to 16:9 for DVDs or wide broadcasting. Wide Zoom: Magnifies the picture size more than 4:3. . Adjusts the Position by using ^, Ў buttons. Zoom: Magnifies the 16:9 wide pictures vertically to fit the screen size. . Adjusts the Position or Size by using ^, Ў button. 4:3 : The default setting for a movie or normal broadc...

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