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Instructions Hotpoint-Ariston, Modèle AVTL 83

Fabricant : Hotpoint-Ariston
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4) have been pulled out, check whether the same are not clogged and then rinse them. Reassembly: Do not forget to reinsert the pair of siphons into the special housings and then to replace the dispenser into its seat, clicking it into place (fig. 4, 2 and 1). 10 Troubleshooting H Hotpoint ARISTON Your washing machine could fail to work. Before calling for Assistance (see page 12), make sure the problem can't easily be solved by consulting the following list. Problem The washing machine won't start. The wash cycle won't start. The washing machine fails to load water. The washing machine continuously loads and unloads water. Possible causes/Solution: The appliance is not plugged into the socket, or not enough to make contact. There has been a power failure. The appliance Lid is not shut properly. The Lid locked Led flashes. The Q button has not been pressed. The START/RESET button has not been pressed. The water tap is not turned on. The water inlet hose is not connected to the tap. The hose is bent. The water tap is not turned on. There is a water shortage. The water pressure is insufficient. The START/RESET button has not been pressed. The drain hose is not fitted between 65 and 100 cm from the floor (see page 3). The free end of the hose is underwater (see page 3). The wall drainage system doesn't have a breather pipe. If the problem persists even after these checks, turn off the water tap, switch the appliance off and call for Assistance. If the dwelling is on one of the upper floors of a building, there may be drain trap problems causing the washing machine to load and unload water continuously. In order to avoid such an inconvenience, special anti-drain trap valves are available in shops. The washing machine does not drain or spin. The washing machine vibrates too much during the spin cycle. The washing machine leaks. The ON-OFF/DOOR LOCK Led flashes rapidly at the same time as at least one other LED. There is too much foam. The programme does not foresee the draining: some programmes require enabling the draining manually (see page 6). The Easy iron option is enabled: to complete the programme, press the START/RESET button (see page 7). The drain hose is bent (see page 3). The drain duct is clogged. When the machine is installed, the locking screws for the oscillating assembly are still in place. Remove the screws (see page 2). The washing machine is not level (see page 2). The washing machine is closed in between furniture cabinets and the wall (see page 2). The water inlet hose is not screwed on correctly (see page 2). The detergent dispenser is obstructed (to clean it, see page 10). The drain hose is not secured properly (see page 3). Switch off the machine and unplug the appliance; wait for approximately 1 minute then switch it on again. If the problem persists, contact Assistance. The detergent is not suitable for machine washing (it should bear the definition "for washing machines" or "hand and machine wash", or the like). You used too much detergent. 11 Service Before calling for Assistance: • Check whether you can solve the problem on your own (see page 11); • Restart the programme to check whether the problem has been solved; • If this is not the case, contact an authorised Technical Service Centre on the telephone number provided on the guarantee certificate. ! If the machine has been installed or used incorrectly, you may be charged for the maintenance callout service. ! Always request the assistance of authorised servicemen. Notify the operator of: • the type of problem; • the appliance model (Mod.); • the serial number (S/N); This information can be found on the data plate situated on the rear of the washing machine. 12 Mode d'emploi LAVE-LINGE TOP LOADER Français AVTL 83 Sommaire Installation, 14-15 Déballage et mise à niveau, 14 Raccordements hydrauliques et électriques, 14-15 Premier cycle de lavage, 15 Caractéristiques techniques, 15 Description du lave-linge, 16-17 Bandeau de commandes, 16 Comment ouvrir et fermer le tambour, 17 Ecran, 17 Mise en marche et Programmes, 18 En bref: démarrage d'un programme, 18 Tableau des programmes, 18 Personnalisations, 19 Réglage de la température, 19 Réglage de l'essorage, 19 Options, 19 Produits lessiviels et linge, 20 Tiroir à produits lessiviels, 20 Cycle blanchissage, 20 Triage du linge, 20 Pièces de linge particulières, 20 Woolmark Platinum Care, 20 Précautions et conseils, 21 Sécurité générale, 21 Mise au rebut, 21 Economies et respect de l'environnement, 21 Entretien et soin, 22 Coupure de l'arrivée d'eau et de courant, 22 Nettoyage du lave-linge, 22 Entretien du couvercle et du tambour, 22 Nettoyage de la pompe, 22 Nettoyage du tiroir à produits lessiviels, 22 Contrôle du tuyau d'arrivée de l'eau, 22 Anomalies et remèdes, 23 Assistance, 24 Avant d'appeler le service après-vente, 24 H Hotpoint ARISTON 13 Installation ! Conservez ce mode d'emploi pour ...

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