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Instructions Cooper Lighting, Modèle SURE-LITES HR87C

Fabricant : Cooper Lighting
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29-45 and 29-66Initial Lumens – 302Lamp No. 29-45 and 29-6615FEETLEFTFEETRIGHT15FEET FROM LAMP (Measured on axis) 01FCLAMPAXIS15FEETLEFTFEETRIGHT15FEET FROM LAMP (Measured on axis) 0LAMPAXIS0.50.30.21FC0 20 30 40 50 60 0 20 30 40 50 60 0.10.5 0.3 0.2 0.1 TECHNICAL DATA HeadsAll metal formed aluminumlampheads.The die cast metalthree dimensional swivelassembly permits approximateaiming adjustment from 80° vertical and 358°rotation. Theplacement is secured with alockable pivot mounted on arotating base ring. LampsDesigned specifically foremergency lighting applications, the PAR 36 sealed beam typedesign insures optimum glare- free light distribution along with horizontal and verticaladjustment by rotating the lenswithin the housing. Tungstenhalogen lamps maximize lightoutput with lower wattage. HousingThe rugged 18-gauge die- formed steel housing is finishedwith an attractive whitecorrosion-resistant polyesterpowder coat paint. Cabinet haskeyhole mounting slots, universal mounting pattern, and knockouts in rear and sidefor AC/DC wiring connectionsand accessory cord set. Up tothree lighting heads can bemounted on the cabinet. Line-LatchedSure-Lites’ line-latchedelectronic circuitry makesinstallation easy andeconomical. A labor efficientAC-activated load switchprevents the lamps from turningon during installation to a non-energized AC circuit. Line-latching eliminates theneed for a contractor’s return to a job site to connect thebatteries when the building’smain power is permanentlyturned on. Solid-State ChargerSupplied with a 120/277 VAC, voltage regulated solid-statecharger. Immediately uponrestoration of AC current after a power failure, the chargerprovides a high charge rate. The charge circuit reacts to thecondition of the battery andalters the rate of charge inorder to maintain peak batterycapacity and maximize batterylife. Solid-state constructionrecharges the battery followinga power failure in accordancewith UL 924. Overload and Short Circuit ProtectionThe solid-state overloadmonitoring device in the DCcircuit disconnects the lampload from the battery shouldexcessive wattage demands bemade and automatically resetswhen the overload or shortcircuit is removed. Thisoverload current protectivefeature eliminates the need for fuses or circuit breakers for the DC load. Brownout CircuitThe brownout circuit in Sure- Lites’ units monitors the flow of AC current to the unit andactivates the emergencylighting system when apredetermined reduction of AC power occurs. This dip in voltage will cause mostballasted fixtures to extinguishcausing loss of normal lightingeven though a total powerfailure has not occurred. Solid-State TransferThe unit incorporates a solid- state switching transistor whicheliminates corroded and pittedcontacts or mechanical failuresassociated with relays. Theswitching circuit is designed todetect a loss of AC voltage andautomatically energizes thelamps. Upon restoration of the AC power, the emergencylamps will switch off and thecharger will automaticallyrecharge the battery. Low-Voltage DisconnectWhen the battery’s terminalvoltage falls below 80% of therated voltage, the low-voltagecircuitry disconnects thelighting load. The disconnectremains in effect until normalutility power is restored, preventing deep batterydischarge. Test Switch/Power IndicatorLightConveniently located TestSwitch allows for manualverification of proper operationof the transfer circuit andemergency lamps. The PowerIndicator Light provides visualassurance that the AC power is on. Sealed Lead Calcium BatteryThe fully sealed, long-life, maintenance-free lead calciumbattery is ideal for emergencylighting applications. Theserecombinant cycle batteriestypically provide eight to tenyears of life and may beoperated in any position. WarrantyAll Sure-Lites’ units are backedby a firm one-year warrantyagainst defect in material andworkmanship (excludinglamps). Maintenance free, long-life, sealed lead calciumbatteries carry a five-year pro-rata warranty. Specifications and Dimensions subject to change without notice. ADX041293 08/23/2010 10:54:20 AM Sure-Lites • Customer First Center • 1121 Highway 74 South • Peachtree City, GA 30269 • TEL 770.486.4800 • FAX 770.486.4801 ...

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