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Instructions Bushnell, Modèle YARDAGE PRO X500 20-1925

Fabricant : Bushnell
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This booklet will help you achieve optimum performance by explaining its adjustments and features as well as how to care for this precise laser rangefinding instrument. To ensure optimal performance and longevity, please read these instructions before using your YARDAGE PRO X500. Battery Compartment In-View Display Laser Transmit Internal Yards to Meters Switch Power Button Laser Receiver Objective Lens INTRODUCTION Your Bushnell Yardage Pro X500 is the world’s most simple to use, yet advanced laser rangefinder. Using Digital Technology and measuring a mere 4.2 x 3.6 x 1.9 inches, the 7.4 ounce Yardage Pro X500 delivers superb and accurate range performance to +/- one yard. Range to a golf flag as far as 200 yards out, or to a tree 450 yards away for a reference point. The single button operation allows outdoor enthusiasts to easily measure distance with confidence. The Yardage Pro X500 emits invisible, eyesafe, infrared energy pulses. Sophisticated digital technology instantaneously calculates distances by measuring the time it takes for each pulse to travel from the rangefinder, to the target, and back. The ranging accuracy of the Yardage Pro X500 is plus or minus one yard / meter under most circumstances. The maximum range of the instrument depends on the reflectivity of the target. The maximum distance for most objects is 450 yards / 411 meters while for highly reflective objects the maximum is 999 yards / 914 meters. Note: You will get both longer and shorter maximum distances depending on the reflective properties of the particular target and the environmental conditions at the time the distance of an object is being measured. The color, surface finish, size and shape of the target all affect reflectivity and range. The brighter the color, the longer the range. Red is highly reflective, for example, and allows longer ranges than the color black, which is the least reflective color. A shiny finish provides more range than a dull one. A small target is more difficult to range than a larger target. The angle to the target also has an effect. Shooting to a target at a 90 degree angle (where the target surface is perpendicular to the flight path of the emitted energy pulses) provides good range while a steep angle on the other hand, provides limited ranging. In addition, lighting conditions (e.g. the amount of sunlight) will affect the ranging capabilities of the unit. The less light (e.g. overcast skies) the farther the unit’s maximum range will be. Conversely, very sunny days will decrease the unit’s maximum range. OPERATIONAL SUMMARY While looking through the monocular, depress the power button once to activate the inview display system (LCD). Aim the Yardage Pro X500 at a target at least 5 yards away, depress and hold the power button down until range reading is displayed. Release the power button. Note: Once activated, the Yardage Pro X500’s LCD will remain active and display the last distance measurement for 30 seconds. You can depress the power button again at any time to distance to a new target. As with any laser device, it is not recommended to directly view the emissions for long periods of time with magnified lenses. FEATURES Your Yardage Pro X500’s LCD incorporates illuminated indicators that advise you unit of measure, when the laser is active, the battery charge is low, and when a target has been acquired. A summary of these features is presented below: UNIT OF MEASURE OPTIONS – The Yardage Pro X500 can be used to measure distances in yards or meters. The unit of measure indicators are located in the lower right portion of the LCD. To select between yards and meters, remove the battery cover slide. Locate the internal yards to meter slide switch. To measure in yards, slide the switch to the “Y” position. To measure in meters, slide the switch to the “M” position. ILLUMINATING INDICATORS – Low Battery Charge ( ) When the low battery symbol is displayed in the upper right-hand portion of the LCD, the battery charge is getting low and the 9-volt alkaline battery should be replaced. TARGET ACqUIRED: Informs the user that a distance measurement has been obtained. The message “TARGET ACqUIRED” will appear in the top portion of the LCD. The distance measured will appear at the bottom of the LCD in numerical form. SPECIFICATIONS OPTICAL DESIGN The Yardage Pro X500 features a Perma Focus monocular optical system for viewing your target. A liquid crystal display (LCD) is mounted within the optical system and when activated, displays a reticle for targeting, yards / meters, and low battery indicators. Inherent in the manufacturing process are small black spots that appear in the optical system. These are a natural characteristic of the LCD and cannot be fully eliminated in the manufacturing process. They do not affect the distancing performance of the unit. Dimensions: Pocket Size, measuring 4.2 x 3.6 x 1.9 inches Weight: 7.4 oz. Accuracy: +/- 1 yard Magnification: 4x Display: LCD (even and odd numbers...

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