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Instructions Aristokraft, Modèle C3030

Fabricant : Aristokraft
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D When the machine instructs you to place another original, place the next page. The second and subsequent pages will be fed automatically without pressing the {Start}key. Note . When the Sort, Combine or 1 Sided>2 Sided mode has been set, press the {q}key after all originals have been scanned. . See “SADF Auto Reset”, General Settings Guide. Placing Originals Mixed size mode When placing different size originals of the same width in the ADF at the same time, the machine automatically checks the size of the originals and makes copies. 1 Important . When placing originals of different sizes in the ADF and making copies without using the Mixed size mode, paper might become jammed or parts of the original image might not be copied. . The sizes of the originals that can be placed in this mode are follows: •Metric version A3L, B4 JISL, A4KL, B5 JISKL •Inch version 11” . 17”L, 81/2” . 14”L, 81/2” . 11”KL A Press [Special Original]. B Select [Mixed Sizes], and then press [OK]. C Align the rear and left edges of the originals as shown in the illustration. CP19AE A Place the originals into the ADF B Vertical size D Adjust the guide to the widest original size. E Place originals in ADF. F Press {Start}key. Placing Originals Original size Specify the size of the originals. Regular sizes Select the size of the originals from the regular sizes. A Press [Special Original]. B Press [Original Size] . C Press [Regular Size]. D Select the size of original, and then press [OK] . E Place the original, and then press the {Start}key. 22 Placing Originals Custom sizes When placing custom size originals in the ADF, specify the size of the originals. Important . Paper that has a vertical length of 128–297 mm (5.1”-11.6”) and a horizontal length of 128–432 mm (5.1”-17”) can be placed with this function. A Press [Special Original]. B Press [Original Size]. C Press [Custom Size]. D Enter the horizontal size of the original with the number keys, and then press {q}key. E Enter the vertical size of the original with the number keys, and then press {q}key. F Press [OK]. G Place the originals, and then press the {Start}key. Note . If you make a mistake in step D or E, press [Clear] or {Clear/Stop}in step D, and then enter the value again. Placing Originals 1 24 2. Copying This chapter describes the procedure for making copies in various modes. Basic Procedure This section describes the basic procedure for making copies. Important . When User Code Authentication is set, enter your user code (up to eight digits) with the number keys so that the machine accepts copy jobs. See “User Authentication Management”, General Settings Guide. . When Basic Authentication, Windows Authentication, LDAP Authentication, or Integration Server Authentication is set, enter your login user name and user password so that the machine accepts copy jobs. Ask the user administrator for the login user name and login password. For details, see “When the Authentication Screen is Displayed”, About This Machine. A Make sure “Ready” appears on the screen. If any other function is displayed, press the {Copy}key on the left side of the control panel. . Initial copy screen B Make sure no previous settings remain. When there are previous settings remaining, press the {Clear Modes} key and enter the setting again. C Place your originals. D Make desired settings. E Enter the number of copies using the number keys. The maximum copy quantity that can be set is 999. Copying F Press the {Start}key. The machine starts copying. When placing originals on the exposure glass, press the {q} key after all originals are scanned. Copies are delivered face down. Note . Always log off when you have finished using the machine to prevent unauthorized users from using the machine. . To stop the machine during a multi-copy run, press the {Clear/Stop} key. . To cancel all copy jobs and return the machine to the default condition, press the {Clear Modes}key. . To clear entered values, press the {Clear/Stop}key or [Cancel] on the screen. . To confirm settings, press the [Check Modes]. Interrupt Copy Use this function if you want to interrupt a long copy job to make urgently needed copies. Important . You cannot use the Interrupt Copy function when fax originals are being scanned or the scanner function is being used. A Press the {Interrupt}key. AMG039S B The machine stops scanning. Remove the originals that were being copied. C Place the originals you want to copy. D Press the {Start}key. The machine starts making copies. E When copying is complete, remove the originals and copies. F Press the {Interrupt} key again. The interrupt key indicator goes off. Basic Procedure G Replace the originals that you were copying, and then press the {Start}key. Following message “Reset n originals.”, replace the originals that you were copying. Note . The previous copy job settings are restored. Simply press the {Start} key to continue copying from where it left off. Left Original Beeper The beeper sounds and an er...

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