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Instructions Grandstream Networks, Modèle GXP2120

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USA Tel : +1 (617) 566 – 9300 Fax: +1 (617) 249 – 1987 For Warranty and RMA information, please visit GXP2120/2110 Enterprise IP Phone Quick Start Guide The GXP2120/2110 is not pre-configured to support or carry emergency calls to any type of hospital, law enforcement agency, medical care unit (“Emergency Service(s)”) or any other kind of Emergency Service. You must make additional arrangements to access Emergency Services. It is Your responsibility to purchase SIP-compliant Internet telephone service, properly configure the GXP2120/2110 to use that service, and periodically test your configuration to confirm that it works as You expect. If You do not do so, it is Your responsibility to purchase traditional wireless or landline telephone services to access Emergency Services. GRANDSTREAM DOES NOT PROVIDE CONNECTIONS TO EMERGENCY SERVICES VIA THE GXP2120/2110. NEITHER GRANDSTREAM NOR ITS OFFICERS, EMPLOYEES OR AFFILIATES MAY BE HELD LIABLE FOR ANY CLAIM, DAMAGE, OR LOSS, AND YOU HEREBY WAIVE ANY AND ALL SUCH CLAIMS OR CAUSES OF ACTION ARISING FROM OR RELATING TO YOUR INABILITY TO USE THE GXP2120/2110 TO CONTACT EMERGENCY SERVICES, AND YOUR FAILURE TO MAKE ADDITIONAL ARRANGEMENTS TO ACCESS EMERGENCY SERVICES IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE IMMEDIATELY PRECEDING PARAGRAPH. ENEN PRECAUTIONS: WARNING: Please DO NOT power cycle the GXP2120/2110 when the LED lights are flashing during system boot up or firmware upgrade. You may corrupt firmware images and cause the unit to malfunction. WARNING: Use only the power adapter included in the GXP2120/2110 package. Using an alternative non-qualified power adapter may possibly damage the unit. OVERVIEW The GXP2120/2110 IP Phones has sleek outer design and delivers excellent call quality and enterprise grade feature set that includes advanced XML capabilities, multi-party conferencing, multi-language support, presence and BLF (busy lamp field), security protection, automated provisioning, and broad compatibility with leading SIP platforms. The GXP2110 offers 4 lines, 18 programmable keys, 3 XML programmable soft keys and the GXP2120 offers 6 lines, 4 XML programmable soft keys, and 7 programmable keys. PACKAGE CONTENTS: 1 X Phone Main Case 1 X Handset 1 X 5V Power adapter 1x Ethernet Cable 1 X Phone Cord 1 X High Stand 1 X Short Stand 2 X Wall Mount 1 X Quick Install Guide Spacers PHONE SETUP: Wall Mount Holes are available Slot for the phone stand if placing the phone on the table Slot for the wall mount spacers if placing the phone on the wall Installing the phone (Wall Mount): 1. Attach the two wall mount spacers to the slot for wall mount spacers on the back of the phone. 2. Attach the phone to the wall via the wall mount hole 3. Pull out the tab on from the handset cradle. (See figure below) 4. Rotate the tab and plug it back into the slot with the extension up to hold the handset while the phone is mounted on the wall. (See figure below) Handset Rest Tab with extension up Tab with extension down Installing the phone (Phone Stand) : For installing the phone on the table with the phone stand, attach the phone stand to the bottom of the phone where there is a slot for the phone stand. (Upper half, bottom part). CONNECTING THE PHONE: Refer to the illustration below when following the setup instructions . PC Port LAN Port Power Headset Port Extenstion Handset Port Module Port To setup the GXP2120/2110, follow the steps below: 1. Connect the handset and main phone case with the phone cord. 2. Connect the LAN port of the phone to the RJ-45 socket of a hub/switch or a router (LAN side of the router) using the Ethernet cable. 3. Connect the 5V DC output plug to the power jack on the phone; plug the power adapter into an electrical outlet. 4. The LCD will display provisioning or firmware upgrade information. Before continuing, please wait for the date/time display to show up. 5. Using the phone embedded web server or keypad configuration menu, you can further configure the phone using either a static IP or DHCP. Tips For Using the Keypad: GXP2120 Keypad GXP2110 Keypad 1. To access the MENU, press the round MENU button. 2. Navigate the menu by using the UP/DOWN and LEFT/RIGHT buttons. 3. Press the round MENU button to confirm a menu selection. 4. Delete an entry by pressing the MUTE button. 5. The phone automatically exits MENU mode with an incoming call, the phone is off-hook or the MENU mode is left idle for 20 seconds. PHONE CONFIGURATION: Configure the GXP2120/2110 using a Web Browser: 1. Ensure your phone is powered up and connected to the Internet. 2. Press MENU button to go into menu of the phone. 3. Press down arrow button to Status and press MENU button to see IP address. 4. Type the phone’s IP address in your PC browser. (See figure below) 5. The default administrator password is “admin”; the default end-user password is “123”. Configure the GXP2120/2110 using the Keypad: 1. Make sure the phone is idle 2. Press the “MENU” button to acces...

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