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Instructions Sony, Modèle VPL-EX3

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• Do not look into the lens while the lamp is on. • Do not place your hand or objects near the ventilation holes. The air coming out is hot. • Be careful not to get your fingers caught in the adjuster. • Do not spread a cloth or paper under the unit. Illumination • To obtain the best picture, the front of the screen should not be exposed to direct lighting or sunlight. • Ceiling-mounted spot lighting is recommended. Use a cover over fluorescent lamps to avoid lowering the contrast ratio. • Cover any windows that face the screen with opaque draperies. • It is desirable to install the unit in a room where floor and walls are not of light- reflecting material. If the floor and walls are of reflecting material, it is recommended that the carpet and wall paper be changed to a dark color. Preventing internal heat build-up After you turn off the power with the ?/1 key, do not disconnect the unit from the wall outlet while the cooling fan is still running. Caution The unit is equipped with ventilation holes (intake) and ventilation holes (exhaust). Do not block or place anything near these holes, or internal heat build-up may occur, causing picture degradation or damage to the projector. Cleaning • To keep the cabinet looking new, periodically clean it with a soft cloth. Stubborn stains may be removed with a cloth lightly dampened with a mild detergent solution. Never use strong solvents, such as thinner, benzene, or abrasive cleansers, since these will damage the cabinet. • Avoid touching the lens. To remove dust on the lens, use a soft dry cloth. Do not use a damp cloth, detergent solution, or thinner. • Clean the filter at regular intervals. LCD data projector • This LCD data projector is manufactured using high-precision technology. You may, however, see tiny black points and/or bright points (red, blue, or green) that appear continuously on the LCD data projector. This is a normal result of the manufacturing process and does not indicate a malfunction. Precautions 6 Notes on Installation and Usage Notes on Installation and Usage Do not install the projector in the following situations. Installation is these situations or locations may cause a malfunction or damage to the unit. Poorly ventilated locations • Allow adequate air circulation to prevent internal heat build-up. Do not place the unit on surfaces (rugs, blankets, etc.) or near materials (curtains, draperies) that may block the ventilation holes. When internal heat builds up due to blockage of ventilation holes, the temperature sensor will function, and the power will be turned off automatically. • Leave space of more than 30 cm (11 7/8 inches) around the unit. • Be careful not to allow the ventilation holes to inhale tiny objects such as pieces of paper or clumps of dust. Hot and humid • Avoid installing the unit in a location where the temperature or humidity is very high, or the temperature is very low. • To avoid moisture condensation, do not install the unit in a location where the temperature may rise rapidly. Locations subject to direct cool or warm air from an air-conditioner Installing the projector in such a location may cause a malfunction of the unit due to moisture condensation or a rise in temperature. Near a heat or smoke sensor Malfunction of the sensor may occur. Unsuitable Installation Notes on Installation and Usage 7 Very dusty, extremely smoky locations Avoid installing the unit in a very dusty or extremely smoky environment. Otherwise, the air filter will become obstructed, and this may cause a malfunction of the unit or damage it. Dust preventing the air passing through the filter may cause a rise in the internal temperature of the unit. Clean the filter periodically. Do not use the projector under the following conditions. Standing the unit upright on one side Avoid using the unit standing upright on its side. It may cause malfunction. Tilting the unit to the right or left Avoid tilting the unit to an angle of 15°, and avoid installing the unit in any way other than placing it on a level surface or suspending from the ceiling. Such an installation may cause color shading or shorten the lamp life excessively. Blocking the ventilation holes Avoid using a thick-piled carpet or anything that covers the ventilation holes (exhaust/ intake); otherwise, internal heat may build up. Placing a blocking object just in front of the lens Do not place any object just in front of the lens that may block the light during projection. Heat from the light may damage the object. Use the PIC MUTING key on the Remote Commander to cut off the picture. When using the projector at an altitude of 1,500 m or higher, turn on “High Altitude Mode” in the INSTALL SETTING menu. Failing to set this mode when using the projector at high altitudes could have adverse effects, such as reducing the reliability of certain components. Note on carrying the projector The unit is manufactured using highprecision technology. When transporting the unit stored in the carrying...

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